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Last week was a great one as I was able to thumb through my Blackberry to leave some comments on a few blogs.

“How we celebrated Poson poya day” » This was a nice essay by one of the students who got computers into their schools and homes through an ICT programme. The first of such I learned about was from a friend of mine, an American, Was the Romeo and Juliet will not convince me to die for love, how ever much I love some one. (I just got into trouble because I showed someone what I am typing)

Although I did not leave comments, I am beginning to like Api nodana live – “Chuti Malli’s ” version of SL, those people are funny, I could have laughed more and amused my fellow BART riders, if I could understand the conversations better.

I use my Blackberry as a GPS Logger to assist me in a mapping project (One should also see Cerno’s mapping posts) when I take public transport but now I am using it to read SL Blogs. Because I am re learning why I am a Kalu but not dark enough to be black. I also leave comments and leave a note here so I can go back and see what the authors reaction to my rumblings later. But all these comments, so few, brought me honor of being mentioned as an Innovative new blogger by one of most read blogs,  » I feel great made me jump up and down (san scream), just like when my brothers convinced me, on a visit to SL, that red and bright chili was a good fruit and I should eat it. Of course I ate it and jumped up and down and screamed for a long time.  Thanks Cerno, for the honor,  thank my brothers (that chili incident was how I earned the name kalusudda from my grand mother) for making me think peanut butter and guava jelly sandwiches are the best SL food. Now I even have to leave comment (play drums) with RD’s blog.

But there is nothing to compare to SL beaches. I realised this as I repeatedly crashed yesterday at Maverick.


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