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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Through snow, sleet and fog I saw Java Jones’ gift, Two old travel movies about Ceylon. There was a dance called Yakasha dance and man I laughed my guts out. They are not different from some of those dancers in Jamaica. That certainly warmed me up even though it is -1C outside.  I told that (the temperature) to Missing Sandwich after reading why she loves what she does.

Rhythmic made me waonder again about riots an reminded me watching riots in LA during 1992 using my Mom’s lap as a pillow. Even though we were far away I was scared like any other kid, when they see people fight. But RD story was more scary. I hope someone will find a way to bring Tamils and Sinhalese together. The same story made Dinidu do calculations on RD’s age.

Indyana is thinking about her Dad and that made me think how much I love my Papa. We are more like best friends rather than Papa and Son. Which make my older siblings look at my Papa with big eyes when he tells them what to do and how to live. My Mom is a Mom, ever busy with all of us (5) and 3 nieces and two nephews. She has a business frequent flyer account because she flies so much to see every one. My Papa of course try to get every one to install Cisco Unified Communication gear so that we can talk in HD! I wonder what they would do when they retire. I would be really lost if they are not arround.

Gutter Flower was observing herself and immediate surroundings. I told her that arctic seals have eye lashes. But you cannot see them because of the other fur.

I also told Cerno that my heater is my computers when he was calculating how cheap are supercomputers these days. But because of those same computers, I have to drop commenting and do some work before catching some sleep. See all soon.


It was only 6C when I came and now it is 1C! over here. Then I had trouble reaching my server over the VPN and I could not afford to do any posts as I do not like to do my personal work from the work line. (my server fetches your posts, once I have scripted I cache them to my notebook and read at leisure). We only have a single T1 here shared by bunch of people trying to get their work done. So my posts will not be so frequent. But I will try to read your posts as I have become addicted. :-B

Artur C. Clarke’s last book, “The Last Theorem,” completed by fellow science fiction writer Frederik Pohl is due in August. I would love to read it as he has brought up the space elevator, one of my favorite theory / idea again after Rama. I was looking for David Blacker‘s book, A Cause Untrue, but Amazon says out of print. May be David should get in touch with his publisher!.

I see Darwin Awards challenging me or anyone to unmask her, err a zebra. Thanks but no thanks DA, not taken, The time  spend visiting blogs and writing this blog is for me to have some fun and getting to know people and SL, People includes you.  It was just an advice and you are certainly welcome to make your own judgments. As far as I am concerned on this matter, you are right, it cannot be reversed and you are completely safe. (May be I try to catch real you when you come back to UK from SL). I plan to be in UK for two weeks this fall. Sorry about causing this trouble. (Above is an image I pulled from the web, and mathematically reconstructed face from the image on the left, so go hunting). Hopefully someone with time on their hands take your offer! |) .

Back to fun! Chaarmax is my 1000th visitor! Thanks a billion and I hope he does not SAARC. Lady D is cool and I am happy to see people coming in to make her feel better! Just as my belly is churning with whale tasting food (everything tastes whale or at least smell like it) I told Indyana about belly dancing.

My favorite Drummer (without listening to a single beat!) is back in UK. I loved his latest installment on observing Sri Lankans and now I imagine Java Jones with Largest Purse in the world and RD with a messenger bag over his shoulder. Cerno is busy with Russians and he almost got me 🙂 .  Java Jones makes me feel ashamed with my command of languages, any that I know. I wonder if he got his Java from a coffeehouse in Holland!

Azrael made me watch tities from this dirty beach I am on (It is all black, pebbly and the ice/snow is dirty . But a Nalukataq (Celebration at the end of  a whale hunt.) has just finished  and I had my fresh Whale meat already. It is like O Toro sashimi at a Japanese restaurant but more oily and gamy. But the whole place smell fishy as if you are near a fish market. You have literally run from your own breath if you happen to burp after whale food! But there are many restaurants here, Korean, Mexican, Burgers, just like any small town in USA but with a bit higher prices.

Scrumpulicious has been good and got a smile and a thank or a bank in return. Suchetha has a good point about SAARC and students plight in SL. But Jack Point beat me to the comment. By the way GOV.LK visited me and read the SAARC Sucks article!.

I had to find something for Gallicissa as he is in the fast lane these days. I only had my phone and this is a snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus). But people told me that there are less owls this summer (1C summer?)as there are fewer lemmings.

I visited a whole bunch of other blogs. but I got to run, See you all soon. Clear a forrest by blogging.

Elton John’s Creamery? Come on Dinidu! As I said Haagen-Dazs will do! But the guy seem to busy with his work. Didnidu and Deane are the places I started reading SL blogs. That was a funny story as well, I got to know them because somebody started plagiarizing their posts and we had internal campus project to detect plagiarizing students and the knowledge engine used blogs for learning. So when I came across articles from SL, I got interested and after sometime that interest turned into this blog.
Of course I wordled as per Deane information.
Then I went over to rhythmic to talk about red hot chili and see him getting ready for drums and London in Lanka.
I also saw Rajaratarala, gone fishing! I really like what he is doing but wonder if I ever be able to do so!
Lady D is trying to stand still but I told her it is ok to have a drink while doing so!
But it was good to find where Dinidu been! and of course I had my 1000th visitor, who could be a fish. May be because Gallicissa recommended me to “I and the Bird #80”.

I think Achcharu missed a beat (some blogs did not get updated) but luckily Kottu was there for the rescue. Then I saw Paan-Waati (I had to ask my Sinhalese and Tamil teacher what the meaning of the name was and had a laugh! I like to eat loaf ends with crunchy peanut butter) giving instructions as how to travel during the SAARC.

Then I read the famous Darwin Awards about an African Wedding. I have not traveled much in Southern Africa but Northern Africa is like home to me!. (I have a Moroccan sister in law!) But I speak Afrikaans.

Again People, if you do not want to show your self in photos, do not just mask them. Masking is like applying a band aid, anyone with right tools can peel it off. Trust me, I take photos of Earth! and such things. If you want to merge the mask better, save the image through two versions, eg. jpg -> gif->jpg and it will make the deconstruction a bit harder. So Nikon S1 photo did take the photo right, if you get my drift.

But I am still wating for Appu to give me a way to drink spiced rum, I am tired of drinking it straight!

ISP is MTT Network (Pvt.) Ltd. and supposed to be from Kotte. I have an idea who this is but it does not matter, Thank you. My location software is not perfect yet but I have shifted the location to a waterway to protect the guilty. If you don’t mind leave a note and I can try to get the right location! 🙂 Thank you visitor, be my 10000th as well!.

So I did.

Gallicissa has been manipulating monkeys on a wordless mission and Indyana got me! I really thought she was coming to SL! :). But I got a kick out of some one blaming Dinidu for propagating communal unrest in SL, all by himself.

Then Cerno pointed me towards a virginal uttering in India that made my coffee come out through my nose.

Just as I wiped my nose and traveled to Rhythmics to see if he promoted Kalus, he made me throw out the next sip of coffee. (I was going to ask him about reaction of spicy food on certain areas of the anatomy but passed it thinking it was improper but he answered my question). I am facing the same fate as I will be visiting LA with my parents to see one of my elder brothers at UCLA. He is married to very nice SL girl and she finds ways to make me sweat just looking at her food. I eat because I love both of them and their extra effort to make me and my Dad happy (My mom washes her chicken before eating 🙂 ). Yes I am always happy because the numbness in cheek bone area fixes me in a constant smile and I keep on eating , as food in mouth hides the burning feeling. Added to that I consume their collection of Arrack, which makes me even more happier!

I had more laughs as I visited certain number of Square KM in search of “barefoot“! (I was hoping to see RD eating Ice Cream at Barefoot!).

But most interesting read was by Romeo, actually the Kill Romeo Project. He showed me the ’83 riots from another pair eyes. But it was too close to Davids story, except romeo saw the bad things from front of his Dad’s motorbike. (I think I guessed right and if not, thousand apologies!)

Rhythmic is having a time of his life with his daughters, but I am happy that he finds time to write and let us know that the Barefoot Garden is cooling him down, or is it sugar free ice cream? Anyway thank you for rubbing it in!

Dominic as usual surprising, enticing us with his craftsmanship. Never seen a photo that I did like or go thinking why can’t I do like that!. That reminds me to find some films (120/220) for my Mamiya before Barrow. Yes I am collecting money for a digital back.

David Blacker told us of a ’83 story that different from the ones floating in the SL blogsphere at the moment. His personal ’83 riots surrounded by comics and dinky toys (had to lookup what dinky toys are and realized it is the imperial version of Matchbox toys!). I can just imagine the two pouring over the 25 year gap in memories.

Scrumpulicious has a bunch of questions. I told her to get off the bus! last.

Gallicissa has completed making Emma Happy! I even asked back a zoom lens for that I have lend to one of my friends, so I can look at birds and perhaps capture them.

Indyana is also going to SL, coming in from different direction from that of Rhythmic. But they might walk the same floors of Odel (?). Have a good time!

Since it is still 22nd I an going to add about the comment I left on Cerno’s blog. It is heart warming as well as heart breaking to read about the ’83 riots. But you always wonder what drives people to attack others and at the same time you marvel the strength of those decide to protect others, without thinking about their own safty. I salute Cernos family for what they did, and feel for David. Blogging is good, I should have done this earlier! You get to know all sort of people.

Dinidu reminded me that I should not worry about these naughty escapades of mine, they are all due to a lion! Rest of the other bad parts come from elsewhere on the earth.

Cerno has a hand written blog post! That reminded me of two things, one, my hand writing is better (Yet my tablet pc refuse to recognize all of them) and that my typing sucks. I have a better sync between my brain or thinking and my hands at writing.

Genjitsu wants out! Why I just came in! But the rest of the SL Blogs were all about politics and they suck! I mean politics not blogs. Deane showed me a post on a news paper site that how SAARC Sucks for smaller people. But saints went marching and happy about it!

Rhythmic is in SL and beginning to understand his daughters!. I always wonder why parents are so slow!. Lady D went to see a panda. I did too, some time ago!

Ok where is that spiced Rum? any better way to drink it since I don’t like coke?. Hope appu write about that instead of riots. Let’s have a riot with drinks!

A herd of Canada Geese

After a three days of short and long hops like  confused bird on small and large airplanes and like a regular guy using rental cars, I went from California to Austin, Texas and then to Tusa, Oklahoma. Then back to Dallas, Texas. But finally I am in sunny California.

I am not an avid birder like The Bird Man, Gallicissa. Heck I am not even a birds feather. But his weblog has made me read a lot about birds and be inquisitive about them, and seeing them in different light. I even went to the Barnes & Nobel and picked up a book, to read in Barrow. I am learning that high Arctic birds are the specialty in Barrow, snowy Owls are common, seen a few before. I assumed they were snow patches, the first time I saw them. Also that spectacled and Steller’s Eiders are having their very short breeding seasons in June. Additionally, Yellow-billed Loons breed in the area. So instead of going hunting for seals and polar bears (I do not hunt but I follow Native American hunters, like one of my friends below) I will look for some birds.

But recent trip to a park, Lake Merritt, near my place I saw some birds and in response to Gallicissa’s wonderful work, specially the last post where he made Emma happy, I am posting the following. (I have put the names according to database searches I did, please correct if these are wrong.

I will be better prepared on my next visit and will try to take better photos. These are cropped chopped versions of large photos.

Hope RD will see some birds get rhythmic as he is in the isle now.

Black Crowned Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax Order CICONIIFORMES – Family ARDEIDAE

Canada Goose Branta canadensis Order ANSERIFORMES – Family ANATIDAE – Subfamily Anserinae

Double-crested cormorant Phalacrocorax  auritus | Order PELECANIFORMES  – Family PHALACROCORACIDAE

Blue jay Cyanocitta  cristata | Order PASSERIFORMES  – Family CORVIDAE

Greater white-fronted goose Anser  albifrons | Order ANSERIFORMES  – Family ANATIDAE

Muscovy Duck Cairina moschata Order ANSERIFORMES – Family ARDEIDAE (ICUN RED LIST OF THREATENED SPECIES least concern)

Today was a busy day. Have to run to Texas and then Oklahoma. But I was at RD’s and told him about the watches I wear. He wants the complete disclosure. Perhaps about a few when I return. I am leaving early tomorrow.

But I got a kick out of RD doing algebra over messy threesomes by Mad As A Hatter. Best thing to do with crush is to go and declare it! That is what I do. (actually what I did, the way things are going, and if I can convince my Mom that Japanese are not that bad! I am through with those now) Even “The One”, I walked up to her on the grounds of a Japanese University, asked to go out in my broken Japanese. She refused and I smiled and said “Domo Arigato”  and walked out. After that I said “Hi” anytime I saw her, Within two days she asked me to go out 🙂 . Since then I have been in!

Then Dinidu, was praising Sonny bono and the hag, actually the song “I got you baby” but bono;s save the disney act have got most of the people by the testes with copyrights.

Gallicissa would love this!

The birder has gone and made Emma happy, partly, blogging wise. But I also ran out to look at some birds this week, no not the kind I observe more carefully and attentively on the campus grounds, but the feathered kind. I did not have my zooms with me but managed to capture a few. RD is on his way to the emerald isle. Bit of envy runs through me. I get to goto Texas to tell some people about research I did / do and then to Tulsa Oklahoma to see some my moms friends to deliver some stuff that I don’t want to know about. Then once I come back, I have exactly a week before hitting my perpetual sun on a sand less beach!

And I thought I saw a drummer cat!