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No sooner than I wrote “One meter of coffee” the London Drummer with leather thongs wrote about Interesting Blogs And Coffee And Tea. So I had to leave a comment. But then I notced the newly groomed Lady D was not so happy ‘cos her dear Mom’s doc said some things that are not so nice to hear. Love and hugs are in order to lift her up. I also saw Cerno’s desktop, he is a Mac OS X guy. That remind me I have to upgrade my mini with new leopard DVD sitting on my desk. Man this rum is good! ( I could not wait till tomorrow so I am testing and tasting one bottle of spiced rum). But Gallicissa had the best ecard for 4th of July, Loved it!



  1. I just read this.. thank you sooooooo much..:)

  2. You are Very welcome Lady D!

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