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We are on our way to the beach and I am not driving (we have a designated driver today!) so here goes blogging with Blackberry. First I saw that Cerno has seen me as a uber tech guy. I guess when you study Physics to the end and search for others at SETI and when you think every object could be digitized, you worry about the desktop the least. I love the innards of a computer more, how to cram more memory, (4GB minimum (2GB on MAC) and even my Notebooks have two harddrives mirrored. my work/study is basically my life. That is the reason girls I will write about at the end this post, find it harder to stick around.

Then I read a note by Vice Un Versa , another Blackberry blogger, that represented a composite picture of SL, that made me sort of well up, not because of hot cup of coffee, I just spilled on my bare legs, I miss SL.

Then there was a question about sexual curiosity and guessing by Shoat Statements. Thank God (no my Mama and Papa) for giving me bronze sculptured body that 6 out of 10 females turn around and look, (the other four, I get them with my brains! 😉 ). Then I show them my girl friends picture! . I love the way their jaws drop! I am never alone and always get some!!.

I also found a new (to me) SL Blog, David Blacker! Going to read him.

Man that was long. Now for a day of surfing fun and alchohol, later in the evening we will be watching fireworks from hills above Golden Gate. Have a Super 4th Of July.


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