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I had a super weekend as on Friday we were at the beach, surfed a bit, drank a lot and got drunk. Then watched to 4th of July fireworks wrapped in glorious fog that we have in SF. Then it was dinner and clubs. Slept most of the Saturday and woke up in the evening and went to campus. Since it is 4th of July weekend everyone has gone home and all those trillion no zillion cycles of computing power was for me and me alone. Ran some really processor intensive analysis all night. Sunday I had to take my girl friend to her Buddhist temple (Japanese), of which I am also a member and then we went weekly shopping. (Usual 5KG bag of Japanese rice that used to be $14 is now $20! Orange Juice is $4.99 per L and so on) then I went back to work until she came to pick me and goto dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant.

So here I am getting my usual doze of SL from Blogs! Gallicissa had a very nice photo essay about birds (Birds eat Trees? may be he was building a nest!)and loved it. He is super when it comes to birds. I actually take more than passing interest in birds now!. But the missing sandwich is sad that the Pride week is over. I hate to tell her that in SF it is Pride week all year in Castro / Upper Market area. One thing I know is that LGBT are fun loving human beings that I do not see being any different from me, except when it comes to sexual preference.

Cerno had an article about war but did not leave a comment as I left to check out the Jaffna Maps. I guess I will come back later, Thank you people all the info and entertainment.

Gutter Flower reminded me of my teachers, including my Grand Pa, who taught me my earliest Physics.

The young Photographer Travish is very good.

But the best part was I ran into this Rajaratarala’s blog. That is really inviting to read. I think I will spend a few days reading what he has written already! Fantastic stuff!



  1. gutterflower sure did get all of us thinking back to those significant people in our lives in the younger days..:)

  2. Yes she did. It is more so for me as my whole family for a few generations are academics.

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