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It is too hot to be running today and the air is not so good with all those fires are sending smoke in our way. There is a chance of getting these blown away tomorrow as fog is approaching with some breeze. But I saw RD getting rhythmically nervous as he is planing to walk the sands of Taprobane. Dinidu mentioned about being patriotic with sex. I am totally unpatriotic when it comes that.

Dinidu also asked about the phones we use. From tomorrow I will have a 16G iphone 3G (confirmed) and will have to get used to type in it.

Man this is catching on, me and SL blogs. Need to put some kind of control. I saw a post by Santhoshi about friend of her husband giving gold to another friend. Even though I am not married, I am happy about myself, I don’t give gold ;).

Deane wrote a almost a complete paper on economy and life’s logic! I smiled because I have leafed through the Freakonomics!

Indyana is a mommy blogger, cool!


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