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Charmax has his desktop for Cernos Desktop Carnival posted. Linux seems to be making inroads in SL a lot! Super. Indi has a piece on an fund raiser/ photo sale to support his friend Mo, the exhibition will take place at the barefoot.

Sex is in the air, must be the summer heat, even dragon flies do it, hanging from leaves. Somehow DeeCee managed to get a cat on her desktop, French black cat at that for Cerno, he must be loving it!

Dominic Sansoni has a few Photographs on from his India trip, and I loved the studio, amusing how photographers see the world with different eyes, I would have just walked past even without seeing it! Did not leave a comment but I will later. Dominic also mentioned about the fund raiser / exhibition that Indi mentioned Mozart. Dominic is offering one of his photographs, a very nice one.

Shoat statements got me high in the morning with her summer Wine, reminds me to go to Napa to pick up a few bottles before the trip, Barrow is a dry town. Last time it cost me closer to $100 for a six pack.

Pradeep at half life reminded me of home and to call a few people across the pond. Eat Lard’s post about taking pulse made my pulse stop, momentarily.

By the way iPhone is not working because there is no way to activate because of network congestion. Well Blackberry still works! ;(


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  1. Hey super cool my photo brought back memories!

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