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London, Lanka and drums

Where you can find farts in jam jars and other odors in every nook and corner (also loved by many people from SL) has added me to the blogroll. As I was finishing my work, 2:30AM, I found this. I am so elated after seeing it, I sat down to write this. Thank you RD.  Looks like I might be ending up in Alaska this summer, Barrow to be exact. Below is the view from the Research station right now. (Ignore the time, I am sure in 1929 we did not have web cams!) The reason I mentioned this is ‘cos when the drummer is beating paths through SL, and when I am shivering (Yes that white stuff is ice) and smelling the seal oil and pickled whale meat (may be fresh ones as well if the whales come north early!), at least I can think he will tell me stories about SL and make me feel warm.

Man I also made it into Lady Divine’s Blogroll as well! Thanks LD, Now I need to get on Achcharu and Kottu! Can I eat them together?

Thank you for the gesture. I have returned favor in kind. PS next sunset in Barrow will be in August.


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  1. Thanks KS, I know where I’d rather be in a weeks time!

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