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Java Jones went flying over a fence and hurt his arm. He should take control of Sally. Usually walking with a leash and keeping her just behind you all the way through the walk, will teach her who the boss is. Looks like Sally is leading Java at the moment.

Cerno came out with a super post just as I was wondering where the man was. I really had fun reading it. One thing I know, pretty soon, I will learn some Queen’s English.

I also had to tell RD that Offspring of two beautiful people will also be beautiful. Does not matter if you are looking at the physical appearance or the inner light. (But I love beauties, with a few thousand brainy ones around every day, I feel fine)

Indyana pouring her love for her husband out! And I feel liquid at 3:44 Am need to catch some shut eye!

G’ Night



  1. Shurre looks like it, huh? I mean bout dat ‘leadin’ bit – not who da boss is tho!

  2. Man Java, took a bit of reading to find out who Java was (I sure like him!). I was freaking out so went back to your blog’s beginning! and then I got immersed! Coolness. Love dogs but gave up after my best friend pined and died after I left home!.

  3. haha! I’m sure you have your own “Indyana” too!

  4. Yes Indyana, very much. waiting for her to graduate. We are on training now! 😉

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