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As I mentioned, I will be working this weekend. I mean the whole weekend! But I did take my friends kids to movies, so my friends could have some free time. We had real fun, ice cream, pop corn, chocolate, hotdogs and anything else these preteens love.

But they are not well behaved like the one RD met whom he engraved a drum stick with Rhythmic. They know I am lax with  them and they take advantage of me. It must be the strict mother! But I love being with them, something like training for something that future may bring. But I hope RD will get along or get on with his thongs.

dragons of eden is no more it seems but from the ashes chaos have risen.

So I will come back to write later, as I find more blogs to comment!

I am back and going out for lunch with Miss Fukuoka. Indyana is having bad neck pains, which she calls Sunday Blues. She should be careful with birthday presents to her hubby!. And then I ranted about getting on to “Kottu Achcharu” (I guess pickled Kottu will taste bad!) on a stairway to heaven. Actually the ranting was here! L8R.



  1. Hey cmon!This was a totally innocent neck pain!!!

  2. HAHA
    this is one crazy ass blog!

    awesome concept
    read my new post
    it’s about a matchstick (:

  3. thanks for the visit! Glad you liked it! Will be there visiting you.

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