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RD is cheating us with his list of lovers and letters to them (My left toe (replace this with any round or oval object) had more lovers than that RD) and Naz is telling all the people in SL that Mozart will be open till July 19th. Perhaps a visit and a write up let people like us feel it. Naz also mentioned about SAARC security, Man that is not cool!

ink beauty has got Ruwanweli in the mist I thought it was cool. But I only commented on the French Connection to her b’day.

What’s with Deane, trying to legalize stuff! I think the fun is in illegality of it. See I grew up in Holland yet never got into smoking. When young I played soccer (Still do) and recent years I have grown to love climbing mountains. They both need my lungs. (It does not matter how hard I try, just walk throught the campus and I just get high on drifting fumes!) Drinking is another matter, OK I am going to pour me two fingers of Spiced Rum now and try to catch some sleep!. Jave made me think about french billboards, funny guy!

But why do we have this? poverty hurts, anywhere.

But hold every thing, Angels have landed!



  1. hehehehee… angels have landed indeed…:P

  2. Glad to see you smile!

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