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Yesterday was not so good day, nothing wrong but my thoughts were running in multiple directions. But I managed to complete my work, read a few blogs, mainly Cerno’s and Java’s. These people know how to write. First Cerno rang my bell and directed me to Java’s jingles! in man made jungles. Both are very interesting but left me with a good thirst to learn more. To cool down my aimless mind,  I took my Meade LX200 and climbed to my roof (I have built a platform) and practiced the astronomy lesson, or star viewing party, I am going to have with my students (middle school) and their parents next week. Soon the practice ended as my mind wandered through the parallel universes (I am a believer of string theory) and glared at my notebook screen (no we don’t peek through eye pieces anymore, I have a CCD attached to my Telescope) that Cerno said uber geek, without seeing anything. So I crawled back in only with my notebook and started to work but Java  Scored one up on me and I was reading a nice story that he says floats inbetween reality and fiction, just like the parallel universes that I am trying to deciper. (But I have a better excuse, we have not advanced our knowledge enough nor do we have enough computing power to prove the theory that I got my PhD on!). Afterwards I visited an Abyssus!. Did not dive in as it was shallow! (just kidding).

Then as I was about to write this, Cerno had another on on Sri Lankan Motorcycle Diaries, But left me wandering if SL farmers are growing rice half heartedly? Of course a quick trip to the wonderful world of servers on the Net proved, Yes. Japanese farmers harvest much more than SL farmers from an equal area of land. Need to converse with Rajaratarala regarding farming, as he seems to have got his pegs down.

I had dinner with my friends, and their baby who is one and half years old, said “I miss you”, yes truly! So it was a good day.



  1. :O
    you didn’t like the one about the matchstick?
    Sticks & Stones?

  2. Sorry St.Fallen, I did read it and liked it as well

  3. If only more people could hear about this..

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