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Divine is in a good mood and reminded the child in me. I am mostly 80% child and wonder if that will ever change. Then I was over at Indi’s reading about why SAARC Sucks. I would not waste my time with it (not Indi, SAARC) those morons will use the time for their best once elected. I did not have much faith in politics but I lost even that when Dub ya won for the second time. And when I see the prices these kids pay for tuition, I give my middle finger to all those who voted to Schwarzenegger. Most probably he will win again.

Lighter note I spoke to a prof from UC Davis about rice after leaving the second comment on Cerno’s Motorcycle Diaries. Actually rice production in the world, specially Asia is rising. Even with floods and hurricanes rice have risen in the small island. Followed by the price! The biggest rice price risers are oil producing countries as the rummage for little bit of rice in the world market, after every rice producing country limited their exports. Iran, Iraq Saudi Arabia, Nigeria seem to be the biggest buyers.

Java came out and continued about Emily Brontesaurus which he has started earlier. Mobile broadband was the next mo better blues for today at Indi’s.

Then Chaar Max popped the question, about what he looks like to virtual visitors to his virtual home. I did my best.

Oh I did read a nice one at RD’s. He seems to be a very nice guy. He found a old classmate of his down in the dumps. While commenting on that, I had to reveal that I can strum walking on the moon on my base guitar. I did not want to tell that but now the cat is out of the bag, I will tell more about my music escapades. I love jazz and try very hard to play, more like jass when we play. I have a small studio at home, Keyboard (Korg V3), Proteus 2000, Makie mixing console, Yamaha midi banks, and Roland recoding console, (all are old by today’s standards but it is more than I need, once you hook them up to a computer, MAC, the whole world is yours) and of course a fender base. This setup allows me to play by myself(?) when other cats are busy studying or doing research. Also helpful to disturb the neighborhood when they are free and high. We did a sound track for EA games last year.  But I am the least musical guy in the group. These days I have hooked up a shamisen to the system and scaring all the cats (regular ones) within 0.5 km radius. That came after watching these two at Yoshi’s twice.



  1. EA Games.. niiiice!! 🙂

  2. Yes Chaarmax, It also helps to have friends, who studied with you! at those places. The head quarters is about 45 min away from me.

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