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Today was a busy day. Have to run to Texas and then Oklahoma. But I was at RD’s and told him about the watches I wear. He wants the complete disclosure. Perhaps about a few when I return. I am leaving early tomorrow.

But I got a kick out of RD doing algebra over messy threesomes by Mad As A Hatter. Best thing to do with crush is to go and declare it! That is what I do. (actually what I did, the way things are going, and if I can convince my Mom that Japanese are not that bad! I am through with those now) Even “The One”, I walked up to her on the grounds of a Japanese University, asked to go out in my broken Japanese. She refused and I smiled and said “Domo Arigato”  and walked out. After that I said “Hi” anytime I saw her, Within two days she asked me to go out 🙂 . Since then I have been in!

Then Dinidu, was praising Sonny bono and the hag, actually the song “I got you baby” but bono;s save the disney act have got most of the people by the testes with copyrights.

Gallicissa would love this!

The birder has gone and made Emma happy, partly, blogging wise. But I also ran out to look at some birds this week, no not the kind I observe more carefully and attentively on the campus grounds, but the feathered kind. I did not have my zooms with me but managed to capture a few. RD is on his way to the emerald isle. Bit of envy runs through me. I get to goto Texas to tell some people about research I did / do and then to Tulsa Oklahoma to see some my moms friends to deliver some stuff that I don’t want to know about. Then once I come back, I have exactly a week before hitting my perpetual sun on a sand less beach!

And I thought I saw a drummer cat!


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  1. Nice sign!
    Look forward to seeing your bird pics when you are back from your trip.

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