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A herd of Canada Geese

After a three days of short and long hops like  confused bird on small and large airplanes and like a regular guy using rental cars, I went from California to Austin, Texas and then to Tusa, Oklahoma. Then back to Dallas, Texas. But finally I am in sunny California.

I am not an avid birder like The Bird Man, Gallicissa. Heck I am not even a birds feather. But his weblog has made me read a lot about birds and be inquisitive about them, and seeing them in different light. I even went to the Barnes & Nobel and picked up a book, to read in Barrow. I am learning that high Arctic birds are the specialty in Barrow, snowy Owls are common, seen a few before. I assumed they were snow patches, the first time I saw them. Also that spectacled and Steller’s Eiders are having their very short breeding seasons in June. Additionally, Yellow-billed Loons breed in the area. So instead of going hunting for seals and polar bears (I do not hunt but I follow Native American hunters, like one of my friends below) I will look for some birds.

But recent trip to a park, Lake Merritt, near my place I saw some birds and in response to Gallicissa’s wonderful work, specially the last post where he made Emma happy, I am posting the following. (I have put the names according to database searches I did, please correct if these are wrong.

I will be better prepared on my next visit and will try to take better photos. These are cropped chopped versions of large photos.

Hope RD will see some birds get rhythmic as he is in the isle now.

Black Crowned Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax Order CICONIIFORMES – Family ARDEIDAE

Canada Goose Branta canadensis Order ANSERIFORMES – Family ANATIDAE – Subfamily Anserinae

Double-crested cormorant Phalacrocorax  auritus | Order PELECANIFORMES  – Family PHALACROCORACIDAE

Blue jay Cyanocitta  cristata | Order PASSERIFORMES  – Family CORVIDAE

Greater white-fronted goose Anser  albifrons | Order ANSERIFORMES  – Family ANATIDAE

Muscovy Duck Cairina moschata Order ANSERIFORMES – Family ARDEIDAE (ICUN RED LIST OF THREATENED SPECIES least concern)



  1. Thanks for sharing this Kalu!
    That Blue Jay is a stunner!
    Great captures, all of them.

    Barrow sounds a very interesting destination for birders – especially with such high arctic delights as Steller’s Eiders and Snowy Owls.

    I have contributed this post to the next I and the Bird birding blog carnival (#80) to be hosted at on 24 July

    Hope you don’t mind!

  2. Thanks Gallicissa, I have been catching up with your blog and your other writings. I am mostly a landscape and astro photographer! Birds are hard to catch.

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