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Dinidu reminded me that I should not worry about these naughty escapades of mine, they are all due to a lion! Rest of the other bad parts come from elsewhere on the earth.

Cerno has a hand written blog post! That reminded me of two things, one, my hand writing is better (Yet my tablet pc refuse to recognize all of them) and that my typing sucks. I have a better sync between my brain or thinking and my hands at writing.

Genjitsu wants out! Why I just came in! But the rest of the SL Blogs were all about politics and they suck! I mean politics not blogs. Deane showed me a post on a news paper site that how SAARC Sucks for smaller people. But saints went marching and happy about it!

Rhythmic is in SL and beginning to understand his daughters!. I always wonder why parents are so slow!. Lady D went to see a panda. I did too, some time ago!

Ok where is that spiced Rum? any better way to drink it since I don’t like coke?. Hope appu write about that instead of riots. Let’s have a riot with drinks!



  1. yes indeed! In fact what we both saw was ‘THE PANDA’ in town..;)

  2. You my girl

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