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Rhythmic is having a time of his life with his daughters, but I am happy that he finds time to write and let us know that the Barefoot Garden is cooling him down, or is it sugar free ice cream? Anyway thank you for rubbing it in!

Dominic as usual surprising, enticing us with his craftsmanship. Never seen a photo that I did like or go thinking why can’t I do like that!. That reminds me to find some films (120/220) for my Mamiya before Barrow. Yes I am collecting money for a digital back.

David Blacker told us of a ’83 story that different from the ones floating in the SL blogsphere at the moment. His personal ’83 riots surrounded by comics and dinky toys (had to lookup what dinky toys are and realized it is the imperial version of Matchbox toys!). I can just imagine the two pouring over the 25 year gap in memories.

Scrumpulicious has a bunch of questions. I told her to get off the bus! last.

Gallicissa has completed making Emma Happy! I even asked back a zoom lens for that I have lend to one of my friends, so I can look at birds and perhaps capture them.

Indyana is also going to SL, coming in from different direction from that of Rhythmic. But they might walk the same floors of Odel (?). Have a good time!

Since it is still 22nd I an going to add about the comment I left on Cerno’s blog. It is heart warming as well as heart breaking to read about the ’83 riots. But you always wonder what drives people to attack others and at the same time you marvel the strength of those decide to protect others, without thinking about their own safty. I salute Cernos family for what they did, and feel for David. Blogging is good, I should have done this earlier! You get to know all sort of people.



  1. Thank you 🙂 I haven’t thought too deeply about those days till now. And I have to admit I what my parents pulled off was something special. David’s post and your comments somehow lifted the wool off my eyes

  2. You are very welcome Cerno. I think there were many people in SL that did the right thing during that time. I am very happy that I got to know some of them.

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