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Gallicissa has been manipulating monkeys on a wordless mission and Indyana got me! I really thought she was coming to SL! :). But I got a kick out of some one blaming Dinidu for propagating communal unrest in SL, all by himself.

Then Cerno pointed me towards a virginal uttering in India that made my coffee come out through my nose.

Just as I wiped my nose and traveled to Rhythmics to see if he promoted Kalus, he made me throw out the next sip of coffee. (I was going to ask him about reaction of spicy food on certain areas of the anatomy but passed it thinking it was improper but he answered my question). I am facing the same fate as I will be visiting LA with my parents to see one of my elder brothers at UCLA. He is married to very nice SL girl and she finds ways to make me sweat just looking at her food. I eat because I love both of them and their extra effort to make me and my Dad happy (My mom washes her chicken before eating 🙂 ). Yes I am always happy because the numbness in cheek bone area fixes me in a constant smile and I keep on eating , as food in mouth hides the burning feeling. Added to that I consume their collection of Arrack, which makes me even more happier!

I had more laughs as I visited certain number of Square KM in search of “barefoot“! (I was hoping to see RD eating Ice Cream at Barefoot!).

But most interesting read was by Romeo, actually the Kill Romeo Project. He showed me the ’83 riots from another pair eyes. But it was too close to Davids story, except romeo saw the bad things from front of his Dad’s motorbike. (I think I guessed right and if not, thousand apologies!)



  1. Hehehe! And I was curious about where you are from…?If you dont mind.

  2. Dutch and Sri Lankan mix. Grew up in Holland but now in Good old US of A.

  3. Hi Kalu,
    The I and the Bird #80 is now on at:

    Enjoy it!

  4. Thanks a lot Gallicissa, this is truly a super honor!

  5. Pleasure!
    Off to Sinharaja tomorrow for a day excursion.
    There’s a lot of reading to after returning!

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