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Elton John’s Creamery? Come on Dinidu! As I said Haagen-Dazs will do! But the guy seem to busy with his work. Didnidu and Deane are the places I started reading SL blogs. That was a funny story as well, I got to know them because somebody started plagiarizing their posts and we had internal campus project to detect plagiarizing students and the knowledge engine used blogs for learning. So when I came across articles from SL, I got interested and after sometime that interest turned into this blog.
Of course I wordled as per Deane information.
Then I went over to rhythmic to talk about red hot chili and see him getting ready for drums and London in Lanka.
I also saw Rajaratarala, gone fishing! I really like what he is doing but wonder if I ever be able to do so!
Lady D is trying to stand still but I told her it is ok to have a drink while doing so!
But it was good to find where Dinidu been! and of course I had my 1000th visitor, who could be a fish. May be because Gallicissa recommended me to “I and the Bird #80”.

I think Achcharu missed a beat (some blogs did not get updated) but luckily Kottu was there for the rescue. Then I saw Paan-Waati (I had to ask my Sinhalese and Tamil teacher what the meaning of the name was and had a laugh! I like to eat loaf ends with crunchy peanut butter) giving instructions as how to travel during the SAARC.

Then I read the famous Darwin Awards about an African Wedding. I have not traveled much in Southern Africa but Northern Africa is like home to me!. (I have a Moroccan sister in law!) But I speak Afrikaans.

Again People, if you do not want to show your self in photos, do not just mask them. Masking is like applying a band aid, anyone with right tools can peel it off. Trust me, I take photos of Earth! and such things. If you want to merge the mask better, save the image through two versions, eg. jpg -> gif->jpg and it will make the deconstruction a bit harder. So Nikon S1 photo did take the photo right, if you get my drift.

But I am still wating for Appu to give me a way to drink spiced rum, I am tired of drinking it straight!



  1. come take a dive into the infinite abyss πŸ˜€

    haha btw
    Abyssus Abyssum Invocat in the psalms means Deep calms to Deep… it refers to the depth of an abyss… metaphorically ofcourse πŸ˜›

    read the new posts πŸ˜€

  2. Hello St.Fallen Yes I have been visiting your site but I will read the new poem today! THX for coming

  3. Glad you liked my wedding post.

    Information about the camera used to capture those images is freely available with the image. So I don’t see what point you hope to prove by telling me my camera is a Nikon S1. Or how NASA ties into all this πŸ™‚ Are you actually claiming to have ‘peeled’ back the blacking out?

  4. You speak Afrikaans? Lekker! πŸ˜‰

  5. hey Kalusudda!

    Off topic – How are you? And what’s new with you?:) Since you mostly write about us, I thought i’d ask..:)

  6. Hi Darwin, thank you for dropping by. Yes I love to read stories the way you tell them and have been doing for a while.
    About photos, yes there are more information that come with photos.Reference to Camera name was to suggest to reset EXIF data before posting.
    I have not peeled back yours πŸ˜‰ but what I wanted to say was, just blacking out or swirling the face may work for casual anonymity. But one can make it a bit stronger by some simple steps. EXIF data carry a little more information than the name of the camera (more expensive the camera, more information, like serial number etc) which aids a lot a person working with photos. If you black the photo be sure to flatten it.Picasa is good for management but that should not be your only image tool.
    NASA was to say that I create pictures and photos out of radio data! and to show off.

  7. Hi Scrumpulicious,
    Ik ben half Nederlander!

  8. Hello Lady D. Good to read you! I am getting ready to lease for the land with midnight sun (Barrow) and I will be there for next few weeks. But I will be browsing and in fact setting up my proxy server as I write. Hope I can get a post out today as I commented on a few sites. Later. Take care.

  9. I still don’t get how knowing more details of my camera model, even the serial number can help you peel back a ‘black box’. Swirling is reversible on Photoshop or other image manipulation software but this reversal does not apply to a plain ol ‘black box’.

    Bottom line, there is no way of magically removing the black box. Especially when it wasn’t done in ‘layers’ as with Photoshop – and I don’t even use Photoshop!

    So going back to the original text on your post where you say “Again People, if you do not want to show your self in photos, do not just mask them”, I’d just like to point out that my method of preserving my anonymity DOES work and remains intact despite your claims to the contrary!

  10. On a whole another topic, do you have access to the latest visible earth images on Sri Lanka? I never understood how it worked.

    If you do splash some on your site – I’ve been trying to get other people to do some geo blogging but haven’t had much luck.

    Some nice close-ups of the LTTE airstrip in Iranamadu would be nice πŸ˜‰

  11. Bottom line? Darwin’s a bit of an attention seeker even with the blacked out photographs.

    I agree with kalusudda though, people who don’t understand photography and the power of technology won’t be able to get that a simple black box does not equal anonymity. Although I doubt anyone would be jobless enough to want to see what she looks like it’s possible. How do you think all those internet pedophiles get caught? Reversals!

  12. Thanks amused!

  13. Oh please. Cut the condescending crap. Do it, or explain it. I do not believe you can undo a black box, which would mean creating pixels out of thin air.
    She didn’t post her entire psd file with the freakin history intact…

  14. Hi Jerry, Please read
    Thank you for dropping by.

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