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It was only 6C when I came and now it is 1C! over here. Then I had trouble reaching my server over the VPN and I could not afford to do any posts as I do not like to do my personal work from the work line. (my server fetches your posts, once I have scripted I cache them to my notebook and read at leisure). We only have a single T1 here shared by bunch of people trying to get their work done. So my posts will not be so frequent. But I will try to read your posts as I have become addicted. :-B

Artur C. Clarke’s last book, “The Last Theorem,” completed by fellow science fiction writer Frederik Pohl is due in August. I would love to read it as he has brought up the space elevator, one of my favorite theory / idea again after Rama. I was looking for David Blacker‘s book, A Cause Untrue, but Amazon says out of print. May be David should get in touch with his publisher!.

I see Darwin Awards challenging me or anyone to unmask her, err a zebra. Thanks but no thanks DA, not taken, The time  spend visiting blogs and writing this blog is for me to have some fun and getting to know people and SL, People includes you.  It was just an advice and you are certainly welcome to make your own judgments. As far as I am concerned on this matter, you are right, it cannot be reversed and you are completely safe. (May be I try to catch real you when you come back to UK from SL). I plan to be in UK for two weeks this fall. Sorry about causing this trouble. (Above is an image I pulled from the web, and mathematically reconstructed face from the image on the left, so go hunting). Hopefully someone with time on their hands take your offer! |) .

Back to fun! Chaarmax is my 1000th visitor! Thanks a billion and I hope he does not SAARC. Lady D is cool and I am happy to see people coming in to make her feel better! Just as my belly is churning with whale tasting food (everything tastes whale or at least smell like it) I told Indyana about belly dancing.

My favorite Drummer (without listening to a single beat!) is back in UK. I loved his latest installment on observing Sri Lankans and now I imagine Java Jones with Largest Purse in the world and RD with a messenger bag over his shoulder. Cerno is busy with Russians and he almost got me 🙂 .  Java Jones makes me feel ashamed with my command of languages, any that I know. I wonder if he got his Java from a coffeehouse in Holland!

Azrael made me watch tities from this dirty beach I am on (It is all black, pebbly and the ice/snow is dirty . But a Nalukataq (Celebration at the end of  a whale hunt.) has just finished  and I had my fresh Whale meat already. It is like O Toro sashimi at a Japanese restaurant but more oily and gamy. But the whole place smell fishy as if you are near a fish market. You have literally run from your own breath if you happen to burp after whale food! But there are many restaurants here, Korean, Mexican, Burgers, just like any small town in USA but with a bit higher prices.

Scrumpulicious has been good and got a smile and a thank or a bank in return. Suchetha has a good point about SAARC and students plight in SL. But Jack Point beat me to the comment. By the way GOV.LK visited me and read the SAARC Sucks article!.

I had to find something for Gallicissa as he is in the fast lane these days. I only had my phone and this is a snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus). But people told me that there are less owls this summer (1C summer?)as there are fewer lemmings.

I visited a whole bunch of other blogs. but I got to run, See you all soon. Clear a forrest by blogging.



  1. Kalu, since you’re in Europe, you can order ‘A Cause Untrue’ here:

    or from Sri Lanka itself:

    or directly from the publisher:

    My wallet thanks you in advance for the 7.5% it will receive.

  2. Thanks a lot David, I think I will get it from Switzerland. Man is that all you get for your hard work?

  3. thank you so much for your concern…
    I’m very touched right now….

    If I may..


  4. You actually rock! Bless you!

  5. Typical male behaviour eh?Belly filling while watching belly dancing…!With ms Fukuoka or without?

  6. Lady D, I always check on you! and Scrumpulicious I am frozen like a rock as well at the moment. Waiting for ATV and it is windy, 1C!. Thanks. Indyana yes! She dances with the dancer when ever we go there! I miss the very dark and sweet tea they serve. She will come with my Mom to Alaska in two weeks then we will do a little traveling. my Mom is crazy about glaciers. When we go trekking she (my Mom) shames me with her stamina.

  7. “Man is that all you get for your hard work?”

    ‘Fraid so.

  8. Thanks Kalu. Didn’t get Java from a coffeehouse in Amsterdam, but we shurre did score som odder good sheet over in dem joints!

  9. Wow! joins in the dance??!!! Thats just great! Quite a sporty lady you have there! The Tea is called Kava I think!

    And hats off to your mum!!!:)

  10. Hey Kalusudda,

    Good luck in Alaska, the cold weather sounds miserable though. Please get in touch when you come to London, I’d love to buy you a drink (in a manly way of course!)

  11. Sure RD, still waiting for the invite from a big Uni over there. I will keep you updated.
    Sorry David, I thought authors made a lot of money. 🙂 thank God I can’t write! (Not that I make money doing what I do!, I spend other peoples money)

    You are welcome Java! and thank you Indyana it is! called Kava! you reminded me.

  12. That’s not exactly a black box dude… That’s pretty easy actually.

    And congrats on the first milestone. You usually have some interesting stuff on.

  13. Thanks for that Snowy Owl. I would love to see it one day provided global warming pushes its range further south. I am back in the blogsphere after a 18-day tour. Have got loads of images to process…

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