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Through snow, sleet and fog I saw Java Jones’ gift, Two old travel movies about Ceylon. There was a dance called Yakasha dance and man I laughed my guts out. They are not different from some of those dancers in Jamaica. That certainly warmed me up even though it is -1C outside.  I told that (the temperature) to Missing Sandwich after reading why she loves what she does.

Rhythmic made me waonder again about riots an reminded me watching riots in LA during 1992 using my Mom’s lap as a pillow. Even though we were far away I was scared like any other kid, when they see people fight. But RD story was more scary. I hope someone will find a way to bring Tamils and Sinhalese together. The same story made Dinidu do calculations on RD’s age.

Indyana is thinking about her Dad and that made me think how much I love my Papa. We are more like best friends rather than Papa and Son. Which make my older siblings look at my Papa with big eyes when he tells them what to do and how to live. My Mom is a Mom, ever busy with all of us (5) and 3 nieces and two nephews. She has a business frequent flyer account because she flies so much to see every one. My Papa of course try to get every one to install Cisco Unified Communication gear so that we can talk in HD! I wonder what they would do when they retire. I would be really lost if they are not arround.

Gutter Flower was observing herself and immediate surroundings. I told her that arctic seals have eye lashes. But you cannot see them because of the other fur.

I also told Cerno that my heater is my computers when he was calculating how cheap are supercomputers these days. But because of those same computers, I have to drop commenting and do some work before catching some sleep. See all soon.



  1. That gave us a sweet insight into your sweet family!!Nice! 🙂

  2. Hey, great site! Was led to it by Dinidu… and I think I’ll follow his excellent practice and check this out regularly as you seem to like all my regular reads! Cheers!

  3. Thanks Angel! I was reading your site as well but ran awya when I saw the pitch fork! :).

  4. Well, I hope you come back! Cheers!

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