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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Hello All, did not have time to visit any blogs yet but just to say, I am on the top of the world today. It was great to see, hug and kiss people you love.  The biggest problem is, I can’t fight for the window seat. (we have only two window seats on the train.) I have to practice my sad face. It will be easier since I have been ordered to shave immediately what I call a beard! It is only two weeks growth but males in our family are a hairy lot! So it is quit BUSHy as Dinidu says. I have to tell Dinidu that some times I feel sorry for Bush.

Once we land in Denali and on our hike, I might not have out side connections but I will try to be in touch as much as possible. But don’t forget to check out safari pics by Darwin. I also had some friends just returned from Tanzania. One of these days! 😉

Ok! Time to go. I am listed on as well! Truly a SL Blog.


I am back from the frozen tundras and now in regular clothing flip flops worn with Japanese toed socks, it 15C and I am happy :). It is going to get even warmer as tomorrow my dear Mom will arrive with my dearest! I will be a king for two weeks as we travel. My equipment and clothing are on the way to home and I just bought a pair of jeans and a tee until Miss Fukuoka brings my regular clothes, shorts and tees and some warm clothes as we plan to scale some glaciers.

I have to tell you all that Indi has been very nice and added me to Kottu. Yeah!. Now I feel more like a SL blog. I am happy to see that he wears flip flops (Bata) and fighting for the right of doing so. Once I came to SL in my flip flops and people at the air port were looking at me as if I done a crime.

I had to tell Missing Sandwich that Sita was happier (and better off) with Ravana than Rama! After all Rama made her walk on fire and banished her to a forest once she got pregnant! But I am a Ravana fan because he could fly want the plans for his air plane, Not the Garudas that Indonesian Air line fly!.

Then I also admitted to her that I am addicted to speed the kind you do with vehicles. So much so that I went for racing school spending a lot of money. But I think I will have to slow down and get rid of the V8s.But those Prius’ move fast too!

Rhythmic ahs been busy with gyroscopic globes and three days ago I flew in a plane that had too many gyroscopes! We flew over twice but i did not see Santa. I always wanted to go to the poles but this is the first time I flew over got so ever close. Two years ago my Dad paid a lot of money,  so that we could go to Antarctica in a converted Russian Ice Breaker. But we just landed and behaved like tourists, chasing penguins and eating their food, (herrings salted). Now I can tell my kids, (when ever I get them) That I have been to Santa’s land. Globes and maps are good. I have a World Map, very large, in my my study. It sports a small pin on every city and interesting place I visited. The like Cerno, I play a lot with maps.

But the best thing I got from Rhythmic was a new perspective on Blind porn and usage of braille! 🙂

Cerno is doing mobile blogging! That is great! I too use Tungsten Ts to collect data. They are super duper little PDAs. I got this new iPhone but on screen keyboard is not my thing. I am/was very happy with Blackberry. So I am going to give iPhone to my Mom. Rhythmic thought I did not blog because I and my devices were frozen. But I and the devices were fine but we did not have much time. I put on average 16 hours a day for last two weeks.

But the holiday begins now. I booked our rail tickets and hotels today. We will travel to Anchorage by the way of Denali (Mt. McKinley). We will be hiking a bit and back country climbing. Most of the time will be spent in Denaili Park. My Dad is too busy to join us! ;( . We will fly home from Anchorage.

Indyana has found a great book and I think she is going to enjoy it very much even though she feels uneasy. I told her that I have next to me a book called Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku. Which i am planing to read if the two ladies let me.

Darwin Awards is back in Glasgow and she got wet, as soon as she landed. That is UK, I never remember to carry an umbrella when ever I go there.

How could I miss Java? I did not, I told him that I am a Buddhist! But Now I am going sleep and wait for my angels!

One thing for me is that now I got Cerno’s post about Wife Number 2 to show how other people manage relationships and blogging, if ever Miss Fukuoka complains. I guess she loves the reprieve than to complain about my blogging. But I really enjoyed the post, after working hard for a few days. Being without proper sun for 10 days and temperature hovering around 1C makes it hard for me to complete my work.  But within four days I will see Miss Fukuoka and my Mom in Fairbanks. They decided to stay where it is bit warmer! (now it is 9C in Fairbanks). I still have to answer his mapping questions which at the moment I have to say Yes and No! 🙂

Rhythmic gave me a few really good laughs and insight into lives of divorced people and the hearts that are bursting with love. I feel for him and thank him for the advice. May be I can avoid one altogether but at least I am happy that he had a good holiday. I am glad when my girlfriend complains, “why can’t we be like your parents?”

So as usual Dinidu had a good post about a two political figures teaching one another! I have not voted yet, simply because of the same reason, more or less.

Sach is taking a break after doing her papers during a campus riot! and she reminded me that I am due for a break as well. I will start with doing a trip across Alaska with two women I love most. We will go exploring some glaciers. It will be mostly a train trip. Then we will be back in California briefly before going to Boston.

Of course I had good time with Java, Jones doing the bit on the pornography ban 😦 and I really wanted read Java’s reaction) but the just before going blind for porns, I learned that the ban was actually a way to sell porn, According to some posts elswhere, the they ban it first and if you pay a fee, they will unblock it! I don’t get it.

Indyana is getting ready for the coming Ramadan and may all her wishes come through.  The Missing sandwich is thinking of a wild ride and all I could think was about a spce elevator! Those kite surfers in SL making me salivate! but here the waves are about 6 inches high! and I will do some surfing in San Francisco bay once I get back.

I visited a bit more blogs but I need to run now. Even this post was done in pieces!. L8R

It is 4:00 AM and I am up to get ready to do some out side work. It is actually bright out side and the temp is 4C which is stll less than the Lady D’s heated pool. I like swimming too. Dinidu as usual kept me too long on his site reading about SAARC (I thought it was over!) and Equal Grounds. If you want to imagine a police man running behind a vehicle, I suggest you read him. I was over at Equal Grounds and it was pathetic how some people see and react to LGBT people. They miss the most fundamental of all, to start with they are people. I know a quite lot of LGBT people and I am happy to know them as friends. I think it is because of people like patriot  we blindly walk into walls like black July.

Had a laugh seeing Indyana chasing a song away! It happens to me too, I have no idea how and why those happen! It helps if you iPod / iPhone has a larger selection. Now I travel with one less gadget, my iPod as the new iPhone is capable of holding enough songs to last a few weeks.

On a lighter note, Cerno is getting published involuntarily, I envy him, even after suggestion of various bribes, my thesis, two of the in two different subjects, is yet to be published. Oh I forgot, one of them they manage to hide in a huge IEEE publication. IP theft is still prevalent in SL it seems as only recently I read that nice man who cooks and photographs, had one of his photos stolen by an ad agency! Sad. Anyway I am happy that I can write this blog without having to refer to my dictionary or worry too much about grammar. Yes writing is still a humongous task for me. Unlike Cerno’s father, mine was mad when ever he found any of my writings, I had to correct those ten times over. I still dread to write to him.

Sach the cynical one is waiting for her freedom. Thank God I left those fears behind me. If I ever had problems with, it was because not due to lack of answers but not knowing to present it properly so that others could understand my answers. I think my mother became an expert in physics and computer science after correcting my thesis, over and over!

The Shoat Statements wants strawberry ice cream among other things! Yes even in this cold, thank God it is 4C now! I love them strawberries.

I like what Yanik is doing with his camera! and these kite surfers make me really feel the chill in here!, even though I love surfing, I have not tried kite surfing. I like the big one in open sea. Perhaps give it a try in SF Bay sometime.

The Doc and Hissyfits were in Hikkaduwa but reminded me of Wellawatta Beach Wadiya! I loved to swim to the reef and back and get something to drink at Wadiya. Hope it is still there. When ever I was over in SL, I did not like Hikkaduwa much because I guess it was too crowded. But Hissyfits description and her flowery outfits makes me want to tread the sands with my surf board.

Finally, Chulie’s write up about Goddess Tara made me wonder about the treasures stolen by the British from it’s empire.