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It is 4:00 AM and I am up to get ready to do some out side work. It is actually bright out side and the temp is 4C which is stll less than the Lady D’s heated pool. I like swimming too. Dinidu as usual kept me too long on his site reading about SAARC (I thought it was over!) and Equal Grounds. If you want to imagine a police man running behind a vehicle, I suggest you read him. I was over at Equal Grounds and it was pathetic how some people see and react to LGBT people. They miss the most fundamental of all, to start with they are people. I know a quite lot of LGBT people and I am happy to know them as friends. I think it is because of people like patriot  we blindly walk into walls like black July.

Had a laugh seeing Indyana chasing a song away! It happens to me too, I have no idea how and why those happen! It helps if you iPod / iPhone has a larger selection. Now I travel with one less gadget, my iPod as the new iPhone is capable of holding enough songs to last a few weeks.

On a lighter note, Cerno is getting published involuntarily, I envy him, even after suggestion of various bribes, my thesis, two of the in two different subjects, is yet to be published. Oh I forgot, one of them they manage to hide in a huge IEEE publication. IP theft is still prevalent in SL it seems as only recently I read that nice man who cooks and photographs, had one of his photos stolen by an ad agency! Sad. Anyway I am happy that I can write this blog without having to refer to my dictionary or worry too much about grammar. Yes writing is still a humongous task for me. Unlike Cerno’s father, mine was mad when ever he found any of my writings, I had to correct those ten times over. I still dread to write to him.

Sach the cynical one is waiting for her freedom. Thank God I left those fears behind me. If I ever had problems with, it was because not due to lack of answers but not knowing to present it properly so that others could understand my answers. I think my mother became an expert in physics and computer science after correcting my thesis, over and over!

The Shoat Statements wants strawberry ice cream among other things! Yes even in this cold, thank God it is 4C now! I love them strawberries.

I like what Yanik is doing with his camera! and these kite surfers make me really feel the chill in here!, even though I love surfing, I have not tried kite surfing. I like the big one in open sea. Perhaps give it a try in SF Bay sometime.

The Doc and Hissyfits were in Hikkaduwa but reminded me of Wellawatta Beach Wadiya! I loved to swim to the reef and back and get something to drink at Wadiya. Hope it is still there. When ever I was over in SL, I did not like Hikkaduwa much because I guess it was too crowded. But Hissyfits description and her flowery outfits makes me want to tread the sands with my surf board.

Finally, Chulie’s write up about Goddess Tara made me wonder about the treasures stolen by the British from it’s empire.



  1. What do you mean cop chasing a car???

  2. hey, most kitesurfers are surfers as well. come up one day and give it a try. its amazing. there’s also a thing call wave riding which is basically surfing with the power of the kite but you have the power to so anything you want!

  3. Hi Dinidu, According to the news report, the police man arrived at the scene late found the car leaving chased behind it and knocked on the window! creating a security scare!
    Hello DilsiriW Thank you for dropping by, I see a lot of kite surfers near my university in Berkeley. There is San Francisco bay with good winds almost all year. But I have not tried it. I usually go to ocean. But I think I will rent a kite and a board and give it a go!

  4. yay my first comment here 🙂

    the beach wadiya is still here. looks the same but more expensive. but I love it. I was there for my last bday and when the friendly waiter (Banda I think) heard in passing that it’s my bday, they brought out sparklers and sang happy bday. the attention whore in me loved it 😉

  5. LOL! That’s a good one… And the interesting thing about the “policeman” is, he’s not some small time cop, but an SSP!

  6. Hi Sach, I was wondering when you were going to drop by. Thanks a million! I really love the wadiya. I is good to know that still exists.

  7. kalu…glad to see I make you laugh! 🙂

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