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Hello All, did not have time to visit any blogs yet but just to say, I am on the top of the world today. It was great to see, hug and kiss people you love.  The biggest problem is, I can’t fight for the window seat. (we have only two window seats on the train.) I have to practice my sad face. It will be easier since I have been ordered to shave immediately what I call a beard! It is only two weeks growth but males in our family are a hairy lot! So it is quit BUSHy as Dinidu says. I have to tell Dinidu that some times I feel sorry for Bush.

Once we land in Denali and on our hike, I might not have out side connections but I will try to be in touch as much as possible. But don’t forget to check out safari pics by Darwin. I also had some friends just returned from Tanzania. One of these days! 😉

Ok! Time to go. I am listed on as well! Truly a SL Blog.



  1. I think all of us feel sorry for Bush…

  2. funny thing

  3. Have a great time KS

  4. my first comment here. hike sounds cool. have fun yo! 🙂

  5. havent seen you around for a while…
    you alright?

  6. Hope you have a great time, Kalu.
    Look forward to seeing more pics from your trip.

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