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I am back from the frozen tundras and now in regular clothing flip flops worn with Japanese toed socks, it 15C and I am happy :). It is going to get even warmer as tomorrow my dear Mom will arrive with my dearest! I will be a king for two weeks as we travel. My equipment and clothing are on the way to home and I just bought a pair of jeans and a tee until Miss Fukuoka brings my regular clothes, shorts and tees and some warm clothes as we plan to scale some glaciers.

I have to tell you all that Indi has been very nice and added me to Kottu. Yeah!. Now I feel more like a SL blog. I am happy to see that he wears flip flops (Bata) and fighting for the right of doing so. Once I came to SL in my flip flops and people at the air port were looking at me as if I done a crime.

I had to tell Missing Sandwich that Sita was happier (and better off) with Ravana than Rama! After all Rama made her walk on fire and banished her to a forest once she got pregnant! But I am a Ravana fan because he could fly want the plans for his air plane, Not the Garudas that Indonesian Air line fly!.

Then I also admitted to her that I am addicted to speed the kind you do with vehicles. So much so that I went for racing school spending a lot of money. But I think I will have to slow down and get rid of the V8s.But those Prius’ move fast too!

Rhythmic ahs been busy with gyroscopic globes and three days ago I flew in a plane that had too many gyroscopes! We flew over twice but i did not see Santa. I always wanted to go to the poles but this is the first time I flew over got so ever close. Two years ago my Dad paid a lot of money,  so that we could go to Antarctica in a converted Russian Ice Breaker. But we just landed and behaved like tourists, chasing penguins and eating their food, (herrings salted). Now I can tell my kids, (when ever I get them) That I have been to Santa’s land. Globes and maps are good. I have a World Map, very large, in my my study. It sports a small pin on every city and interesting place I visited. The like Cerno, I play a lot with maps.

But the best thing I got from Rhythmic was a new perspective on Blind porn and usage of braille! 🙂

Cerno is doing mobile blogging! That is great! I too use Tungsten Ts to collect data. They are super duper little PDAs. I got this new iPhone but on screen keyboard is not my thing. I am/was very happy with Blackberry. So I am going to give iPhone to my Mom. Rhythmic thought I did not blog because I and my devices were frozen. But I and the devices were fine but we did not have much time. I put on average 16 hours a day for last two weeks.

But the holiday begins now. I booked our rail tickets and hotels today. We will travel to Anchorage by the way of Denali (Mt. McKinley). We will be hiking a bit and back country climbing. Most of the time will be spent in Denaili Park. My Dad is too busy to join us! ;( . We will fly home from Anchorage.

Indyana has found a great book and I think she is going to enjoy it very much even though she feels uneasy. I told her that I have next to me a book called Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku. Which i am planing to read if the two ladies let me.

Darwin Awards is back in Glasgow and she got wet, as soon as she landed. That is UK, I never remember to carry an umbrella when ever I go there.

How could I miss Java? I did not, I told him that I am a Buddhist! But Now I am going sleep and wait for my angels!



  1. An academic adventurer to boot – great stuff Kalu, have a wonderful trip (and if you’re waiting for them, watch out for folk with flowing robes and a bulge at the shoulders).


  2. Hope you really enjoy yourself traveling with the lovely ladies in your life! And hope your book is great too!:)

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