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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Hi I am back and reinvigorated after one and half days at Yosemite. I had a four year old strapped to my back most of the time and she might have thought I was a horse the way she directed me to climb the path in search of a very nice waterfall. But all in all It was fun! I got a chance to ask my parents how they managed to keep fit all these years. The answer was short and of course sweet, First few years ran around keeping us from harm and the latter part running away when we were looking for extra funds for our activities! But I will write a little more later as Cerno seem to looking for funnies on sign posts at the moment. I made a booboo on the coment I left thinking he took off the post about lesbian advertisement! He is too fast bringing in new posts!

Talking about funnies, Noorie the fun loving is reaching 21 b’day! I was too busy writing my thesis closer to my 21 b’day but I was happy to flash my ID and get a drink at the bar, I still have to flash the card at the faculty club, whenever we have a new guy at the club serving!

I erroneously stated on RD’s blog about how I was strapped to my true love while explaining how I clenched Miss Fukuoka. She was on top actually. It is funny how we are attached to photography. I still have my first camera, Mamiya C330 some where in my parents house. But I think I am better off trying to hold candles to people like Domnic Sansoni! Dinidu also good at taking photos of bird rumps!

Gallicissa has started chasing migrants and this time I learned that he knows his birds by not only sight but by sound! The only bird I recognize by sound is the one I was strapped.

Trig is doing multitasking, the usual those only girls and Mamas can manage to do. I am amazed, truly, how they do it. My only multitask I can recall, is like now, salivating while smelling the late breakfast my favorite dean’s club chef at the campus is making while I type this.

Happy EID Indiana! Have a great time! May the peace be with you.

MissingSandwich is wondering about love and Commonality It is hard to see how others see love. I am at loss when I have to explain those inner feelings. Some how I know they glow! It is just learning the other which we always fail to do. But real love let you try again, and again.

Got to Go


I missed to tell about Java’s baby talk yesterday. A part of my family (Father, Mom, one of the sisters and her husband and their two kids, whom I love to death) are coming to visit me today. My father has an appointment with his construction contractor to inspect my new place so I can swim at any time of the day! YEY!! The swimming pool will be big enough so I can swim without hitting my head on the wall after a few strokes. (There is a one now but you feel as if you are in a bathtub, in Japan! 🙂 

After they argue about things like price, size and materials etc, we are going to watch the debate. I think it is going to be fun. There are Republicans, democrats and independants in my family! But politics are always fun at my place! This is the second time I am going to vote. Last time I offered mine for 25 grand. No one bought it. Who knows this time!, Green Party can wait!

Then we have a better plan for the weekend. We are off to camping in Yosemite. My Mom is not well enough to do major scale climbs. But we will do some good hikes and see how it goes. The youngest of the two kids love to ride on my back and we both are November Babies, or  wild bunch! (so are Miss Fukuoka and my Grand Ma!)I have a Kid carrier. But she is getting bigger now for the baby back pack, almost 4. 

So see you guys on Monday perhaps!

Cerno was busy with some friends and commented about how people tend to get sloppy as they age. But I think that attitude is changing. My parents are very close to reaching mid century mark in their lives. But both look very young and extremely fit. Their friends are keeping better as well but not good as them. I am keeping myself fit and I need two to three times the calorie intake of normal person of my age due to strenuous limits I push myself to. If I am going on a climb, I / we will train harder and the intakes go way high during the training. I really mean it when I say fit. 6’2” and 165lb (188cm and 76kg) I am almost as tall as my father and lithe as my mother. They did all the child bearing when they were pretty young! They planed everything well, except me creeping on their plans. 

Talking about fitness, trigonometric dancer is doing some heavy kick boxing. Which makes her see stars during and after. But she talks about stars that she saw after the training, from a bench in New York! We are blessed with fog over here I am lucky if I can find my way up to my place, in the evenings. When I want to see stars, I drive south a little, to the observatory where I work some times.  

Now I have replaced wind surfing with kite surfing, I took it to like a fish to water, even though I don’t want to be a fish in the water (Bay water is really bad and there are signs asking you not to eat fish caught here) where I spend more time trying to fly than real flying. ! But when you do fly, you guts tighten, shoulders contract and the future generations get squished in the contraption that I still learning to master. But I will fly like or better than these guys soon! 🙂 .

The Deane told something about US Economy. Yes there are lot of economists talking about these and I think could have done better if those same economists were as good as they say they are. Some one even blamed Allen Greenspan for the troubles! I for one profited from this slump. The ridiculously high housing market keeps many from actually buying a house. I was lucky as my grand parents and parents helped me to get my first house as a graduation gift. But they also convinced me to invest, in real estate and so far I am fine. Those doom that people talk about has not reached me. Due to this slump, I was able to acquire my second house, for exorbitantly low price for San Francisco bay area. 

RD is flying high on his high flying and had a long  story about air line food. I am blessed with flying as well because I own a father who flies all the time. Even though not as much as my father my mother flies too. So we get free rides, usually business class for domestic flights. If we are on international flights we try to get little more comfy. I like to have silverware with my food, no matter where I eat. Yes I carry them even to mountain tops.

Indyana is getting ready for Eid and showed us some of the photos from celebrations in the past. She is very pretty! and so are the kids! 

Off to learn kite surfing! Later.

Jones quickly withdrew a post that I read yesterday, thanks to Google and has an explanation on the subject and more. I really likes the way he explained Karma. Most people tend to associate the word with negative outcomes only. I think java is a philosophical Buddhist. We will have a good time discussing quantum Physics and how Shakyamuni Buddha knew about parallel universes!, if we ever get a chance to meet.

Sach went and touched and photographed instructions on how to do it with other people. I also bought a new book, “ANATHEM” by my favorite novelist Neal Stephenson. It is a huge book (935 pages) but I usually finish in two weeks or so! (I prefer to read bound books rather than paperbacks).

I went back to drummer in England with another comment on his earlier post on living with parents. Gutterflower feels a bit down but from the look of comments left by kids like us, should take care of that or not! I told her about how I sailed through higher education and the virtues of college! No wonder I never left!!

Scrumps reminded me how way different some people think and behave, I wonder if I grew up too fast and different, I am not much bigger than those people and already seeing the world in different ways. I just simply do not fathom how people can kill others, beheading shooting etc etc. You can bring your differences forward in a better civilised ways. Anything but killings. I know there are thousands if not millions of innocent people die everywhere. But my belief is that dialog can alleviate most. We become enemies because WE do not understand the other! I love the way Scrumps thinks. I prefer the way that Delon chap is going after MIA. I listened to the paper planes by MIA and I liked it. I also listened to Deleon’s song because we have mutual friends, and I like his one too. I see him going against MIA but I doubt very much that he wants to kill her. Killers don’t spend time formulating thoughts mixing tracks and dubbing to get the word out, to explain how one thinks and oppose something one think is wrong. I do not know much about MIA, but I think she is hot! 😉 .

But I came across a blogger who is a farmer in SL. Nice chap who has been to west east and more. He is trying to rebuild his life as well as those of a few people around him. He seem to be adamant on completing that tasks that he has put down on his plate. If you have not visited him before, be prepared to spend some time there, that is what I did! 🙂 He calls himself, Rajaratarala. My Sinhalese / Tamil teacher says that means a leader from the land of kings. He certainly sound like it. But read the about third rice crop at perceptions. You can find way to Rajaratarala from there!

Got to go, more to write but later.Books On How To Do It! And Then Censorship.

RD is back on the British soil and seem to be fighting with himself about what to write! and how to take the advise and the guidance that only your parent can give. I have charmed my parents enough that they given up lecturing me a long time ago. Also the fact that I have four elder siblings help too. By the time my parents lecture down the chain, they are tired by the time they reach me. It is also good that I have managed to make two friends out of those two as well. So I hope RD will play that Jazz drum or pretend to play, just once for the Mom! 🙂

Lady D went and fell in love, with a capibara! Yes, I do not like Zoos either but some of them here have evolved, to provide better environment for the animals. But I think, I prefer to go on a safari, like  Darwin’s Masai Mara trip. Southern Africa is waiting and I want to see / touch the snow caps of Kilimanjaro before they completely disappear.

Oh, by the way Darwin found man of her dreams and that seem to leave her plates dry!

Gutterflower seem to have lost the writers block and she wrote about hopelessness of project Hope. Sad that sometimes the most needed projects fail to materialize. I told GF that I seem to have been born with a writer block. I am in the process of writing a report of my travels during this year to various countries, states, where we collect data and prove that the money they gave me was well spent. As you may have seen from my writings so far, writing is ….., (I am one of those people still keep a huge dictionary (Yes RD a voluminous dictionary) thesaurus on my table. So I will do it, just for the love of, money if nothing else.

Indyana is having a tough time with her daughter but it is funny that it is the same for all the mothers with 12 year old daughters! (At least I know two now!). It is hard to fathom the kids and parents but usually everything turns out to be the best.

Lastly, you got to read about Dinidu’s interactions with Police at check points! Yes!

Yes the Birdman, Gallicissa always manage to surprise me. This time with a Zumala, an insect that I have not only seen but have not heard about before. I am sure he bound to find something that whole world has not seen before. God Speed GI.

RD id checking out giant books among other things like the hair in the small of your back! and I think he is really enjoying the trip to Singapore.

SoSnazzy (trigonometric dancer) is talking about change. Yes I like change, when Obama talks about it, but I am voting for the Green Party! As I told Dinidu. Talking about change, I will have to ask my Mom for some as this economic downturn provided me with an opportunity that I could not refuse. So as I write this, I have become a poor boy as most of what I managed to save is gone.  So if things go right, I will have my second house on the hills, pretty soon. It has a perpetual view (when there is no fog) of Golden Gate and the SF bay. I am wondering about current house, should sell it or rent it out. I spent a lot of money and time converting it to be completely energy independent!.

Dinidu got philosophical with kites and and that reminded me to call the kite surfing guys. I will be testing an outfit this weekend and if I really like it (I know I will) it is such a thrill to windsurf but those flips with kites did it for me. Every time I flip my board (wind surfing) I end up in the dirty SF bay water! Ha I am ready for it this weekend! I meant getting dirty.

Cerno is out with another great idea. He would like to add Colombo to metro bolgs. It will be great as it will mingle all these great SL Blogs with rest of the world. But I also suggested that perhaps Indi may be able to cook something similar with multi user wordpress and attach it to Kottu.

Naz healed me with a photo of a painting that makes you wonder how these people (artists) come up with these great ideas. I am fascinated with all sort of art and so is my family. We even have some originals at home. One of the things that I am not good at is art. But that makes me appreciate the artists more. I am into wood block paints by early Japanese artists at the moment. My mother is trying to collect all 100 views of Edo by Hiroshige. She started it a long time ago and has collected 56 prints. That is her get away from everything hobby. She flies every time a reliable print is found in a gallery some where.

Finally ViceUnVersa, fooled me with a weekend in paradise. I failed to read the title and had to find out in hard way. Anyway Happy Birthday shout to the big boy!

Noorie is trying out condoms, phone condoms that is and I like her funnies! So looks like it is done for the day! later.

Today was a busy Sunday. I got an Oracle database replicated over the wire, yes I have to be doing all these not to be relying on someone to finish my work. (It also helps to have a big Oracle guy as your brother!) Then in the afternoon I went for a stroll at the annual Solano fair, to show support to a group my friends holding a booth to promote unity through Buddhism.

Then I went for bit of wind surfing which I missed almost  for a month, if not more. But I also met a group that kite surfs in the San Francisco Bay. Got a bunch of information and I will try out an outfit next weekend. But I think those boys and girls in Kitesurf Srilanka are having a lot of fun in those warm waters! I also ordered a O’Neill Mutant to replace my aging wetsuit.

Dinidu asked about how would we vote in this election, but I could not leave a comment so I emailed my comment! I am voting for Green Party!

Then I went and read about a young poet introducing other young poets. Good work, as my poetry is like day old pastry in our coffee shop!, where we can get Ratnapura OP tea for $16. for 4oz can.

Lady D has started classes and like so many of my students, falls asleep (she and my students call it deep thoughts) drops the pen and even had a nice guy picking it up for her! (I really enjoy the beginning of the semester, as I walk into the class people tend to think that I am another student! So I always extract maximum fun out of it.)

OK tomorrow is a long day! L8R.

OH for got to tell you, RD is wondering about midnight tarts and a new found blog called Pleasure Principle gave a lesson in feminine masturbation. Actually RD guided me to the masturbation article! Sach told about a woman that makes mastubation a better option, if she wins!

I had fun with JavaJones today. I think he has something going with Morality Drug. But then again who is going to be these morality judges? Do I need a doze or is it only the rest of the world that lack moral values?

No later than thinking and writing about morality drugs, Dinidu managed to drop a ball on Moral values of Atheists. I happened to be living among a bunch of atheists who in some ways has higher moral values than me! Hey I am not judging. But I am trying very hard to lay ground work for future physicists so that string theory will not be some mathematical theorems that exist only in our heads and hearts. (some of us love what we do) But to quote wikipedia, “String theorists have not yet completely described these theories, nor have they determined if or how these theories relate to the physical Universe.” yes you can laugh!.

But the new Hadron Collider at CERN will take our work a tad forward. I will be visiting CERN next year.  But that grant comes totally from one of my grandfathers who lives somewhere near to CERN!.

But Gallicissa had nice capture of Yala (Yes I have been there), amazing. Thanks GI. I see the Z. I also started to visit ViseunVersa and read the blog. If you are to dig deeper, you will certainly find gems there. Like the recent offering. Thanks VV, both my halves, American and SL appreciate your gesture.

Missing Sandwich admitted a lot of things but I only saw love and lust! But MS, one follows the other, most of the times.

Cerno from his GE cockpit have found a place in the north of the island that was in the news recently. Happy googling Cerno!

I visited a few more but this will do for now. With all the crazy things I do, it is going to be a busy Sunday!

Today is is the day to remember those who perished on 9/11. Even though so many years have passed, it is still very fresh in the memory. I grieve for those people, even today, as ViceUNVersa said, tears flow. When I saw those people jumping from windows, I cried aloud, wanted to scale those walls and save some people. It is just hard to comprehend, why people kill other people. I just don’t understand.

So I set out to make myself feel better and I found another new blog today, it’s by Noorie (a beaut) and she tickled herself pink and tickled me purple. I really have to thank her because, she made me laugh on this gloomy day. (I almost followed the goats!). Indyana is going to be busy with guests and Birthdays. My Grand Ma and I have the same B’day! and my sweetie has hers two days before me! I love B’days (as long as they are mine! 😉 )

Deanne gave me another bout of laughter with the post about Mihin Air, the Lankan budget Air line without an air plane, how low budget could you go?

OK lunch break is over, I will update later, if I visit any more blogs!

The first blog I read today was St.fallen’s about death and life, having almost kissed the death recently and that being not the first time either, I think I should cool down, a bit! If you read my Denali saga, I gave too much of a hard time to my Mom, physically and mentally. Last weekend she told me that she is scared for me!. She is one of the strongest and most intelligent women I know. (I am not saying this because she is my mother) She runs at least two major marathons a year and me and my father try to catch up with her. Only two years ago I managed to finish together with her in a 12KM marathon. No we are not those who runs in the first group. we are somewhere in the middle. One of my sisters and a brother sometimes join us.  She is a dean of a very good small collage in the west cost, but she used to be running around ivy league circles. She is almost 50 and every one thinks she is 35-40.

Anyway for those who wonder about her strength, we are all accomplished mountaineers having scaled a few large ones. The saving me was more to do with using the resources and knowledge together with her strength which is not very common.

Then I read about virginity from a different point of view than Shru at Shades of Jade. She had the details of how she lost it. I think it is your personal choice. I lost mine a few years ago in an experiment with another virgin! Man we had fun. It was like stealing cookies from an oven, sweet and satisfying but burning ouchs and the worries when the kid was going to come out added flare and lasted for a while. (yes I did use a condom because my father told me the virtues of it. But we lost it and was not sure before or after the deed.) Well I respect those who keeps it and I respect those who fumbled with it. Is it really lost? I don’t think so. If the memories were good it will last for ever in your head. heart and mind.

Talking about Shru, she is packing to leave for some where. I enjoyed her writing since I found her blog. Hope she unpacks soon and write a bunch.

Gutterflower is having a bloggers block but it is as good as her other posts. But rivers and Ohio deos not run together with being safe :)I know from experience!

The missing sandwich is talking about God and I for one think she (God) lives in each of us! How we bring her out is our own business! The tatoo she decided on speaks words. With all the bravado, I still can’t subject myself to a tat.

The drummer initially let me feel that I am one of those who are less fortunate but as I read his post, I had a chuckle. I still have and wear 5 year old pairs of jeans! But then I got this great bod that I put those on. So when those women (and some men, it is San Francisco bay area! ) look at my hinee, they are not looking at the label or tag. Yes I am not a guy who follows fasion. But I am happy because, I still am able to hail those wow’s from ladies. (Or is it because I wear green socks and blue shirts with maroon tees? )

Sach has written about her vacation and brought up memories of S’pore and Malaysia. My parents both worked in those countries and as kid used to love those food! Yes I prefer chopsticks to any other utensil and quite adept to them. That is because Miss Fukuoka, mostly.

And Cerno had shot at cool people in SRI lanka. My grandma has a house by the beach in Colombo with air conditioners in each bedroom (too many to count) and sea breeze runs through the rest of the house. Yet whenever she comes here, she is counting the days to go back!, because it is too cold her for her!

That’s it for now, got to run.