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From the point we stopped

I am back after a little break, please allow me to tell you what happened during the last three weeks!  I guess no one missed me 🙂  Man RD, Cerno, Java! and the rest, I will get you!

Yes I had a bit of an accident during my last excursion! As I mentioned earlier, I went climbing Mount Denali with my Mom and my girl friend and it was a pleasant hike/climb almost three quarters of the way we planed, to a point between the Kahiltna Pass and the Motorcycle Hill, at 4200 Meters. Having two females tethered you and tagging along behind you does wonders to your ego (It could be the mountain air too!). No mountain is higher than nor any gap was as wide as my masculine ego! So at one point instead of pulling out the aluminum ladder and laying it across a gap and crawling over, I decided to jump, with my backpack cameras and all (about 130KG including myself). The my would be rescuers did not even have time to warn me, or received any warning other than my asking for rope slack, when I took the jump / plunge down a crevasse! As I realized that my flying capabilities are less than that of a Dodo, I slid / fell down about 25 meters at once and then rope started to  slow my descend into the unknown (like when you loose control while skating and waiting for wall or rails to stop you.). At one point it stopped as I hit a ledge on the wall. The radio was working and I could hear my mothers strained voice telling me to tether or hook myself to something. (Later I learned that she along was holding me up by herself). In the excitement or being scared to sh**, I have forgotten to hook myself and happily dangling from the rope that was tied to my mother. Once I hooked myself to the wall,  things began to clear as my ego has fallen, way below and that hurt more than the bruises I had collected by then.

After about almost an hour I managed to come back up to see very relieved faces of two women in smiles and frozen tears. Of course Miss Fukuoka hit me on my nose, actually it was a punch and swore that she will never love me and that she was sorry that she met me! and she is done with me (I felt scared of her for the first time in my life or our relationship, not about leaving, but about getting hit again!). But my Mom just hugged me.  During this trouble both women were thrown off balance and Miss Fukuoka was hit by the small heavy  sledge we were pulling. My mother was left to save me all by herself. She slid good 8-10 meters before she could secure herself.

As soon as the rope was tied down and additional ropes were sent down, Miss Fukuoka got on the radio to ask for help. There were some other climbers near by but it would have taken at least two hours for them to reach us. So the two ladies set to rescue me by them selves. Almost an hour later, I was rescued. My mother said she felt as if she gave birth to me again. To prove that, she had multiple sprains, an aching hip and a cut / gash on her chin. But all in all we were in good shape. We thought so!

We decided to climb back to the base camp (which is about 2200 Meter level) and asses our conditions.  We checked ourselves again after pitching the camp and my mother was having a severe pain in her hip. So we decided to climb back and I traded my backpack for my Mom. We climbed down to the place where the planes land and was picked up by a small plane that take climbers to the base camp. (The base camp is where hardcore climbers start.)

So straight to the hospital and they checked all of us. I was fine except for a few rope and ice burns and cuts. Miss Fukuoka was checked for concussion but declared good. She had a few bruises and cuts herself. My Mom had pulled a muscle on the side of her hip. I forgot the actual name for it and had to be treated before we could continue. So we stayed there until she could fly home.

At the mean time, I was interviewed over the phone, by a big company in Mountain View. It was a sweet deal as I still could be in the campus and of course travel to the place once a week.  Yesterday was my first day on site. I will be doing some research and providing input and getting paid handsomely for it. So after meeting my manager yesterday, they told me that if I come for full time things will be different! I will have a Prius and a bunch of other corporate perks. Now I am debating as if I do full time I will be able to almost double my current income which is a five figure sum, monthly now! Cerno the mapper will like it as it has a lot to do with maps, but not necessarily of our world. But I am going home this weekend to talk with my father as I suspect he has got a lot to do with this. But I feel Academia is my field. So I am a bit confused. My dad thinks Universities are for learning not for working. But he lets my Mom work!

I spent thanking my Mom and attending to her last two weeks at home. If I could, I will love her more but I love her beyond any means already! Of course Miss Fukuoka was there too. She did not leave me as she threatened. But I have to be very careful now. By the end of the two weeks, my Mom told me to marry Miss Fukuoka! and that she is a good girl!. Some how she has charmed my Mom, my father and my two sisters. My brothers already think she is hot! 😉 (The whole family converged to witness the damage I have done to our Mom.)  Well as you guys might know, now I am in a bind. My parents will go to Japan in October, after my birthday, with Miss Fukuoka to see her parents. I escaped as I have a job now. (I have two now! I still keep my campus job!). I am too young even to think about marrying. But my Mom must be thinking need to settle this guy down before jumps off next cliff!

So folks, I went commenting yesterday. First was at Cerno’s who was at a loss for words. (He thinks but never is).  Then I sailed over to hear drum beats and found him thinking if he was God, part two at that. All have been busy. Dinidu is on a trip to Singa, (I think Singapore) and he is hearing too many bells.(Hope not the kind I am hearing!)

Indyana got a blister on her thumb and said Blistering barnacles. Had a good laugh! Missing Sandwich is getting a tat and wondering about the pain. I told her to get drunk! like my sister did, when she got hers!, a drunken tatoo!

Of course Java Jones has to come out with an explanation about drinking and astrological signs, or vice versa. I have been learning about drinks for last two weeks, finishing up my fathers liquor cabinet(s). I learned a lot about spiced rum, more than the certain captain I knew about before. There are multitude of good rum coming from many countries other than Caribbeans. My father even opened a 20 year old bottle from India! called Old Monk! pretty good. But I loved Rhum Vieux Agricole, from Martinique. Somehow my brothers, who are elder than me do match Javas explanations, Aries and Taurus. Yet my big sister, second in the family drinks like an Scorpion but she is a Libra like me. The other sister, who was born three years before me, drinks like an Arius but she is a Scorpion!. Go figure.

Gallicissa had a very nice photo of an exotic Dawn Dropwing! Amazing! But Darwin did it for the first time and gave me a good laugh with her smile. Gutterflower is taking it easy and perk up girl, life is a long road, you never know what is around the corner!

Sach  poped a cherry and man she would have liked me too. My hair is like the serenity dies dudes but my father advised that I might have to trim it down as I have to present myself to corporate guys at big G.

Well a lot of blogs to visit and I will fly in a few minutes. So long.

Deflated Egos And Cushioning True Loves.



  1. Hey Kalu, that sounds like quite an adventure but I’m glad you and your Mother and Miss F are all ok. It’s good that you’re back and commenting though, I did miss you.

  2. My Mom is still recovering. I just got home but she is all ready to go to campus on Monday and we are already thinking about next climb!
    Thanks and missed you guys too! and your witty writings!

  3. 😐 That is a very very very hair raising call you had there.

    Take care out there when you are romping around in the hills.

    Wish your mother a fast recovery!

  4. oh my god! What on earth have you just been through! Thank God you are all safe! And what a wonderful brave mother you have!This was really frightening to read! i can imagine what it was for your mum to experience!

  5. Sorry to hear about that unfortunate incident.
    Sounds like it could have been a lot worse.
    Anyway good to have you back.

  6. Cerno, Yes, it was more than I could put in to words. But my mother and I had worse, once we had our boat turned over on Colorado river at Grand canyon but at that time I rescued her! 🙂 and my father rescued my sisters. We are a crazy family when it comes to the adventures. I will write about the as the opportunity arises.
    Indyana, my Moms mantra is that she should not have cut the umbilical cord, ever since I could walk, I have given then more heart attacks than the other four siblings combined! May be I am like her! a dare devil (She says I myself was an accident 😉
    Gallicissa, thank you for the concern. Sometimes stupidity takes over. I could have avoided it. But then where’s the fun :).

  7. Further adventures of the Academic Adventurer! That was some hairy shit you guys went through. Glad to hear it all ended okay. Welcome back!

  8. wow….what an experience…
    atleast everyone’s ok..:)

  9. How strong is your mum?!

    Glad to hear you’re ok though! 🙂

  10. Your mom sounds pretty cool!
    And welcome back! Its good to see you. 🙂

  11. Hello Java, it is really good to be back. To be among you guys is the best.
    Scrump, she runs two major marathons a year and some small ones like bay to breakers. To tell the truth, she is stronger than me at least she has stamina compared to my brute strength. And she is pushing almost 50 (don’t tell her that!) and she had 5 kids! actually 4 kids and an accident! 😉
    Yes GF, she is the best Mom. My father is the same but his work keeps him off the mountains but they make it to the marathons. He is younger than my Mom but look older! 🙂 but they are like kids in love, getting better everyday.
    Thank you people, I will write about them more.

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