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Hissyfits having a fit about fears that is all due to Lady D! But rose tinted view had a very realistic but dark look at life so far!

If you were reading my posts, I was right, my father had a lot to do with new offer from Big G. We had a nice talk about it and I gave my Mom a good massage. Now I am high on a bottle of sake that Miss Fukuoka presented my family with. It is no ordinary bottle, it is a three ang half litre bottle with a lot of gold flakes in it! and I told my father about Java’s blog discription about drinking and sodiac signs. We had a good laugh as we read it on the 42″ monitor that he uses for everything from reading emails to watching movies, in his study. But I am very well buzzed now.  I was thinking of visiting my sis but better not drive now.

Then I had to tell RD how I FEEL about my blog. I feel happy about it. But as usual Cerno was at no loss for words as he described his dog! I think dogs are people! there must be a blog by a dog somewhere! Indyana’s kids having a great time teaching parents ins and outs about computers, scanners etc. I just meddled with my Moms new Macbook Air. You would nor belive how light this thing unless you hold one in your hands.

Dinidu had a nice piece about him and his three friends, called foursome, loved it. I hope there are many more Dinidus in SL. I know a quite a few already through blogs. SL need to get out of this never ending war and get it’s act together.

Paan waati wanted me to click on a pinky to save a breast somewhere near me! I did click.  Sapphira had a nice post about being a virgin. I am hardly the one to tell you about virginity but it takes courage for one to be what one feels. My question always has been, how would I know! if I did not do it! I think six years ago, at her age, all I thought about was sex! (getting some). It helped a lot as there were enough women who though I am hot chunk of love. (they still do). But now I have a hot chick myself so other explorations are off the chart now.

I need to take my family dog for a walk now!



  1. Ha, that is a good one! Cerno, where is your dogs blog?

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