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Today is is the day to remember those who perished on 9/11. Even though so many years have passed, it is still very fresh in the memory. I grieve for those people, even today, as ViceUNVersa said, tears flow. When I saw those people jumping from windows, I cried aloud, wanted to scale those walls and save some people. It is just hard to comprehend, why people kill other people. I just don’t understand.

So I set out to make myself feel better and I found another new blog today, it’s by Noorie (a beaut) and she tickled herself pink and tickled me purple. I really have to thank her because, she made me laugh on this gloomy day. (I almost followed the goats!). Indyana is going to be busy with guests and Birthdays. My Grand Ma and I have the same B’day! and my sweetie has hers two days before me! I love B’days (as long as they are mine! 😉 )

Deanne gave me another bout of laughter with the post about Mihin Air, the Lankan budget Air line without an air plane, how low budget could you go?

OK lunch break is over, I will update later, if I visit any more blogs!



  1. Granma and you celebrating together…that must be sweet! 🙂 Birthdays are such happy days!

  2. Its great to know that I have sparked a laugh.

    Yeah. I was thinking abt 9/11, along with the war here yest. Awful stuff.

    Your blog is so going to be addictive? I spend wayyyy to much time blogurfing alreadyyy :S.

  3. Yes it is Indyana, specially when grand ma showers me with love and of course she thinks I am very very special because I was born on her birthday!
    Thanks for dropping by Noorie. Yes it was fun watching those goats. But it was more fun going through your blog!

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