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The first blog I read today was St.fallen’s about death and life, having almost kissed the death recently and that being not the first time either, I think I should cool down, a bit! If you read my Denali saga, I gave too much of a hard time to my Mom, physically and mentally. Last weekend she told me that she is scared for me!. She is one of the strongest and most intelligent women I know. (I am not saying this because she is my mother) She runs at least two major marathons a year and me and my father try to catch up with her. Only two years ago I managed to finish together with her in a 12KM marathon. No we are not those who runs in the first group. we are somewhere in the middle. One of my sisters and a brother sometimes join us.  She is a dean of a very good small collage in the west cost, but she used to be running around ivy league circles. She is almost 50 and every one thinks she is 35-40.

Anyway for those who wonder about her strength, we are all accomplished mountaineers having scaled a few large ones. The saving me was more to do with using the resources and knowledge together with her strength which is not very common.

Then I read about virginity from a different point of view than Shru at Shades of Jade. She had the details of how she lost it. I think it is your personal choice. I lost mine a few years ago in an experiment with another virgin! Man we had fun. It was like stealing cookies from an oven, sweet and satisfying but burning ouchs and the worries when the kid was going to come out added flare and lasted for a while. (yes I did use a condom because my father told me the virtues of it. But we lost it and was not sure before or after the deed.) Well I respect those who keeps it and I respect those who fumbled with it. Is it really lost? I don’t think so. If the memories were good it will last for ever in your head. heart and mind.

Talking about Shru, she is packing to leave for some where. I enjoyed her writing since I found her blog. Hope she unpacks soon and write a bunch.

Gutterflower is having a bloggers block but it is as good as her other posts. But rivers and Ohio deos not run together with being safe :)I know from experience!

The missing sandwich is talking about God and I for one think she (God) lives in each of us! How we bring her out is our own business! The tatoo she decided on speaks words. With all the bravado, I still can’t subject myself to a tat.

The drummer initially let me feel that I am one of those who are less fortunate but as I read his post, I had a chuckle. I still have and wear 5 year old pairs of jeans! But then I got this great bod that I put those on. So when those women (and some men, it is San Francisco bay area! ) look at my hinee, they are not looking at the label or tag. Yes I am not a guy who follows fasion. But I am happy because, I still am able to hail those wow’s from ladies. (Or is it because I wear green socks and blue shirts with maroon tees? )

Sach has written about her vacation and brought up memories of S’pore and Malaysia. My parents both worked in those countries and as kid used to love those food! Yes I prefer chopsticks to any other utensil and quite adept to them. That is because Miss Fukuoka, mostly.

And Cerno had shot at cool people in SRI lanka. My grandma has a house by the beach in Colombo with air conditioners in each bedroom (too many to count) and sea breeze runs through the rest of the house. Yet whenever she comes here, she is counting the days to go back!, because it is too cold her for her!

That’s it for now, got to run.



  1. hey
    thanks for the link (:
    check out the new post
    they’re going to be rolling out for a while 😀

  2. will do St.Fallen

  3. allo. thanks for stopping by and linking. and i discovered jadedshades through this post. very interesting read.

    and your family consists of accomplished mountaineers? i feel small and inconsequential. for our family, climbing the staircase is exercise and climbing it all the way up to the rooftop is an achievement.

  4. Dear Sach, my Mom has a photograph of me on the top of the refrigerator when I was about 2.5 years old. According to her, I climbed there myself and she said at that time she knew that she has given birth to a son who will climb with her if other quit. So she actually built something that I could climb under supervision. Yes they also relocated the refrigerator! 🙂
    Thank you for dropping by and think of things that your family is good at! Mine like to drink too (so we can do without St. Bernard rescuers. 😉 Also you should see our insurance bill, ;( You surely will thank that you are not like us!

  5. “I for one think she (God) lives in each of us!”
    Me too (:

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