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I had fun with JavaJones today. I think he has something going with Morality Drug. But then again who is going to be these morality judges? Do I need a doze or is it only the rest of the world that lack moral values?

No later than thinking and writing about morality drugs, Dinidu managed to drop a ball on Moral values of Atheists. I happened to be living among a bunch of atheists who in some ways has higher moral values than me! Hey I am not judging. But I am trying very hard to lay ground work for future physicists so that string theory will not be some mathematical theorems that exist only in our heads and hearts. (some of us love what we do) But to quote wikipedia, “String theorists have not yet completely described these theories, nor have they determined if or how these theories relate to the physical Universe.” yes you can laugh!.

But the new Hadron Collider at CERN will take our work a tad forward. I will be visiting CERN next year.  But that grant comes totally from one of my grandfathers who lives somewhere near to CERN!.

But Gallicissa had nice capture of Yala (Yes I have been there), amazing. Thanks GI. I see the Z. I also started to visit ViseunVersa and read the blog. If you are to dig deeper, you will certainly find gems there. Like the recent offering. Thanks VV, both my halves, American and SL appreciate your gesture.

Missing Sandwich admitted a lot of things but I only saw love and lust! But MS, one follows the other, most of the times.

Cerno from his GE cockpit have found a place in the north of the island that was in the news recently. Happy googling Cerno!

I visited a few more but this will do for now. With all the crazy things I do, it is going to be a busy Sunday!



  1. On the Hadron Collider, Here’s a very useful website . I will Keep checking that often.

  2. Ha Funny! It is much better to watch those trigger happy morons than Hadron. Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Wow! You are going to visit CERN! Cool!!

    So if you are going to lay the ground work to explain the physical world using String theory, we might be looking at a future nobel prize winning physicist! 😀

  4. I even love string hoppers! Sasani! Hopes are the life blood of this world.

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