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Today was a busy Sunday. I got an Oracle database replicated over the wire, yes I have to be doing all these not to be relying on someone to finish my work. (It also helps to have a big Oracle guy as your brother!) Then in the afternoon I went for a stroll at the annual Solano fair, to show support to a group my friends holding a booth to promote unity through Buddhism.

Then I went for bit of wind surfing which I missed almost  for a month, if not more. But I also met a group that kite surfs in the San Francisco Bay. Got a bunch of information and I will try out an outfit next weekend. But I think those boys and girls in Kitesurf Srilanka are having a lot of fun in those warm waters! I also ordered a O’Neill Mutant to replace my aging wetsuit.

Dinidu asked about how would we vote in this election, but I could not leave a comment so I emailed my comment! I am voting for Green Party!

Then I went and read about a young poet introducing other young poets. Good work, as my poetry is like day old pastry in our coffee shop!, where we can get Ratnapura OP tea for $16. for 4oz can.

Lady D has started classes and like so many of my students, falls asleep (she and my students call it deep thoughts) drops the pen and even had a nice guy picking it up for her! (I really enjoy the beginning of the semester, as I walk into the class people tend to think that I am another student! So I always extract maximum fun out of it.)

OK tomorrow is a long day! L8R.

OH for got to tell you, RD is wondering about midnight tarts and a new found blog called Pleasure Principle gave a lesson in feminine masturbation. Actually RD guided me to the masturbation article! Sach told about a woman that makes mastubation a better option, if she wins!



  1. well professor.. I for one can NEVER sleep in a class.. sigh.. (unfortunately)
    So that was me ACTUALLY in deep thought…
    my thoughts drift as far away as possible…:)

  2. Thanks for the linkage 🙂
    Love that your blog’s a commentary of sorts on different blogs- it’s a fun way to get the low-down on all the good stuff out there. Keep reading. Oh and RD is just lovely. Which is why I stalk him diligently. And panic when he rushes off to Singapore without informing me. Humph.

  3. You are very welcome Six, Yes RD does manage to make me laugh, when I am tired!

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