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Yes the Birdman, Gallicissa always manage to surprise me. This time with a Zumala, an insect that I have not only seen but have not heard about before. I am sure he bound to find something that whole world has not seen before. God Speed GI.

RD id checking out giant books among other things like the hair in the small of your back! and I think he is really enjoying the trip to Singapore.

SoSnazzy (trigonometric dancer) is talking about change. Yes I like change, when Obama talks about it, but I am voting for the Green Party! As I told Dinidu. Talking about change, I will have to ask my Mom for some as this economic downturn provided me with an opportunity that I could not refuse. So as I write this, I have become a poor boy as most of what I managed to save is gone.  So if things go right, I will have my second house on the hills, pretty soon. It has a perpetual view (when there is no fog) of Golden Gate and the SF bay. I am wondering about current house, should sell it or rent it out. I spent a lot of money and time converting it to be completely energy independent!.

Dinidu got philosophical with kites and and that reminded me to call the kite surfing guys. I will be testing an outfit this weekend and if I really like it (I know I will) it is such a thrill to windsurf but those flips with kites did it for me. Every time I flip my board (wind surfing) I end up in the dirty SF bay water! Ha I am ready for it this weekend! I meant getting dirty.

Cerno is out with another great idea. He would like to add Colombo to metro bolgs. It will be great as it will mingle all these great SL Blogs with rest of the world. But I also suggested that perhaps Indi may be able to cook something similar with multi user wordpress and attach it to Kottu.

Naz healed me with a photo of a painting that makes you wonder how these people (artists) come up with these great ideas. I am fascinated with all sort of art and so is my family. We even have some originals at home. One of the things that I am not good at is art. But that makes me appreciate the artists more. I am into wood block paints by early Japanese artists at the moment. My mother is trying to collect all 100 views of Edo by Hiroshige. She started it a long time ago and has collected 56 prints. That is her get away from everything hobby. She flies every time a reliable print is found in a gallery some where.

Finally ViceUnVersa, fooled me with a weekend in paradise. I failed to read the title and had to find out in hard way. Anyway Happy Birthday shout to the big boy!

Noorie is trying out condoms, phone condoms that is and I like her funnies! So looks like it is done for the day! later.



  1. Glad you liked my Zumala, Kalu!
    Even President Bush likes it.

  2. haha. trigonometric dancer? thats cute.

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