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RD is back on the British soil and seem to be fighting with himself about what to write! and how to take the advise and the guidance that only your parent can give. I have charmed my parents enough that they given up lecturing me a long time ago. Also the fact that I have four elder siblings help too. By the time my parents lecture down the chain, they are tired by the time they reach me. It is also good that I have managed to make two friends out of those two as well. So I hope RD will play that Jazz drum or pretend to play, just once for the Mom! 🙂

Lady D went and fell in love, with a capibara! Yes, I do not like Zoos either but some of them here have evolved, to provide better environment for the animals. But I think, I prefer to go on a safari, like  Darwin’s Masai Mara trip. Southern Africa is waiting and I want to see / touch the snow caps of Kilimanjaro before they completely disappear.

Oh, by the way Darwin found man of her dreams and that seem to leave her plates dry!

Gutterflower seem to have lost the writers block and she wrote about hopelessness of project Hope. Sad that sometimes the most needed projects fail to materialize. I told GF that I seem to have been born with a writer block. I am in the process of writing a report of my travels during this year to various countries, states, where we collect data and prove that the money they gave me was well spent. As you may have seen from my writings so far, writing is ….., (I am one of those people still keep a huge dictionary (Yes RD a voluminous dictionary) thesaurus on my table. So I will do it, just for the love of, money if nothing else.

Indyana is having a tough time with her daughter but it is funny that it is the same for all the mothers with 12 year old daughters! (At least I know two now!). It is hard to fathom the kids and parents but usually everything turns out to be the best.

Lastly, you got to read about Dinidu’s interactions with Police at check points! Yes!



  1. I’ll take your word for it and hope things do work out for the best!

  2. Yes, Indyana. I was the worst kid my parents had, they were on pins 24 hours a day when I was a teen but see how I am today, still keeping then on pins 24 hours a day! 🙂 with different worries. (My Mom just drove over today, cooked me chicken the way I like, came to the campus, gave me a hug if front of my class, asked if I have money, I said no! then her forehead turned in to a question mark and asked what I did with pay check(s)? I said in the bank. she smiled and said she want to see (inspect, she has seen it many times now) my new house and left to teach her class!{she lectures once a week here}) How can I not love her! If these are what they call nagging on RD’s blog, Please nag more Mom!

  3. Haha! You are a dear you know KS!I’m sure your mum loves her kids to bits!And it is so lovely to see you enjoy all the love and care that she so selflessly gives!hurray to sons like you!!

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