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Jones quickly withdrew a post that I read yesterday, thanks to Google and has an explanation on the subject and more. I really likes the way he explained Karma. Most people tend to associate the word with negative outcomes only. I think java is a philosophical Buddhist. We will have a good time discussing quantum Physics and how Shakyamuni Buddha knew about parallel universes!, if we ever get a chance to meet.

Sach went and touched and photographed instructions on how to do it with other people. I also bought a new book, “ANATHEM” by my favorite novelist Neal Stephenson. It is a huge book (935 pages) but I usually finish in two weeks or so! (I prefer to read bound books rather than paperbacks).

I went back to drummer in England with another comment on his earlier post on living with parents. Gutterflower feels a bit down but from the look of comments left by kids like us, should take care of that or not! I told her about how I sailed through higher education and the virtues of college! No wonder I never left!!

Scrumps reminded me how way different some people think and behave, I wonder if I grew up too fast and different, I am not much bigger than those people and already seeing the world in different ways. I just simply do not fathom how people can kill others, beheading shooting etc etc. You can bring your differences forward in a better civilised ways. Anything but killings. I know there are thousands if not millions of innocent people die everywhere. But my belief is that dialog can alleviate most. We become enemies because WE do not understand the other! I love the way Scrumps thinks. I prefer the way that Delon chap is going after MIA. I listened to the paper planes by MIA and I liked it. I also listened to Deleon’s song because we have mutual friends, and I like his one too. I see him going against MIA but I doubt very much that he wants to kill her. Killers don’t spend time formulating thoughts mixing tracks and dubbing to get the word out, to explain how one thinks and oppose something one think is wrong. I do not know much about MIA, but I think she is hot! 😉 .

But I came across a blogger who is a farmer in SL. Nice chap who has been to west east and more. He is trying to rebuild his life as well as those of a few people around him. He seem to be adamant on completing that tasks that he has put down on his plate. If you have not visited him before, be prepared to spend some time there, that is what I did! 🙂 He calls himself, Rajaratarala. My Sinhalese / Tamil teacher says that means a leader from the land of kings. He certainly sound like it. But read the about third rice crop at perceptions. You can find way to Rajaratarala from there!

Got to go, more to write but later.Books On How To Do It! And Then Censorship.



  1. hey the last link is not working!

  2. Thanks Kalu especially if the wink is aimed at me and not MIA! 😉

  3. haha book on how to do it? :p

  4. Whack, it seem to work from here. Sometimes blogger has case here is the URL of the site,

    Hey Scrumps, of course it is you! My link to you says it!

    Ha Ha to you also Sach but “we don’t need no education” like one of my fathers albums say (The Wall by Pink Floyd), relationships we learn by being nice to others, how ever hard it is!

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