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Cerno was busy with some friends and commented about how people tend to get sloppy as they age. But I think that attitude is changing. My parents are very close to reaching mid century mark in their lives. But both look very young and extremely fit. Their friends are keeping better as well but not good as them. I am keeping myself fit and I need two to three times the calorie intake of normal person of my age due to strenuous limits I push myself to. If I am going on a climb, I / we will train harder and the intakes go way high during the training. I really mean it when I say fit. 6’2” and 165lb (188cm and 76kg) I am almost as tall as my father and lithe as my mother. They did all the child bearing when they were pretty young! They planed everything well, except me creeping on their plans. 

Talking about fitness, trigonometric dancer is doing some heavy kick boxing. Which makes her see stars during and after. But she talks about stars that she saw after the training, from a bench in New York! We are blessed with fog over here I am lucky if I can find my way up to my place, in the evenings. When I want to see stars, I drive south a little, to the observatory where I work some times.  

Now I have replaced wind surfing with kite surfing, I took it to like a fish to water, even though I don’t want to be a fish in the water (Bay water is really bad and there are signs asking you not to eat fish caught here) where I spend more time trying to fly than real flying. ! But when you do fly, you guts tighten, shoulders contract and the future generations get squished in the contraption that I still learning to master. But I will fly like or better than these guys soon! 🙂 .

The Deane told something about US Economy. Yes there are lot of economists talking about these and I think could have done better if those same economists were as good as they say they are. Some one even blamed Allen Greenspan for the troubles! I for one profited from this slump. The ridiculously high housing market keeps many from actually buying a house. I was lucky as my grand parents and parents helped me to get my first house as a graduation gift. But they also convinced me to invest, in real estate and so far I am fine. Those doom that people talk about has not reached me. Due to this slump, I was able to acquire my second house, for exorbitantly low price for San Francisco bay area. 

RD is flying high on his high flying and had a long  story about air line food. I am blessed with flying as well because I own a father who flies all the time. Even though not as much as my father my mother flies too. So we get free rides, usually business class for domestic flights. If we are on international flights we try to get little more comfy. I like to have silverware with my food, no matter where I eat. Yes I carry them even to mountain tops.

Indyana is getting ready for Eid and showed us some of the photos from celebrations in the past. She is very pretty! and so are the kids! 

Off to learn kite surfing! Later.



  1. Amazing to grow up with parents like that, and I think your parents have successfully passed on the right attitude towards fitness to their kids! An example to follow for sure!

    And thank you for the compliment!:)

  2. welcome to the fold! haha. its loads of fun and highly addictive! now that you’ve learnt/ are learning…..when you do come to lanka….you ll have a blast!

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