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I missed to tell about Java’s baby talk yesterday. A part of my family (Father, Mom, one of the sisters and her husband and their two kids, whom I love to death) are coming to visit me today. My father has an appointment with his construction contractor to inspect my new place so I can swim at any time of the day! YEY!! The swimming pool will be big enough so I can swim without hitting my head on the wall after a few strokes. (There is a one now but you feel as if you are in a bathtub, in Japan! 🙂 

After they argue about things like price, size and materials etc, we are going to watch the debate. I think it is going to be fun. There are Republicans, democrats and independants in my family! But politics are always fun at my place! This is the second time I am going to vote. Last time I offered mine for 25 grand. No one bought it. Who knows this time!, Green Party can wait!

Then we have a better plan for the weekend. We are off to camping in Yosemite. My Mom is not well enough to do major scale climbs. But we will do some good hikes and see how it goes. The youngest of the two kids love to ride on my back and we both are November Babies, or  wild bunch! (so are Miss Fukuoka and my Grand Ma!)I have a Kid carrier. But she is getting bigger now for the baby back pack, almost 4. 

So see you guys on Monday perhaps!


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