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Hi I am back and reinvigorated after one and half days at Yosemite. I had a four year old strapped to my back most of the time and she might have thought I was a horse the way she directed me to climb the path in search of a very nice waterfall. But all in all It was fun! I got a chance to ask my parents how they managed to keep fit all these years. The answer was short and of course sweet, First few years ran around keeping us from harm and the latter part running away when we were looking for extra funds for our activities! But I will write a little more later as Cerno seem to looking for funnies on sign posts at the moment. I made a booboo on the coment I left thinking he took off the post about lesbian advertisement! He is too fast bringing in new posts!

Talking about funnies, Noorie the fun loving is reaching 21 b’day! I was too busy writing my thesis closer to my 21 b’day but I was happy to flash my ID and get a drink at the bar, I still have to flash the card at the faculty club, whenever we have a new guy at the club serving!

I erroneously stated on RD’s blog about how I was strapped to my true love while explaining how I clenched Miss Fukuoka. She was on top actually. It is funny how we are attached to photography. I still have my first camera, Mamiya C330 some where in my parents house. But I think I am better off trying to hold candles to people like Domnic Sansoni! Dinidu also good at taking photos of bird rumps!

Gallicissa has started chasing migrants and this time I learned that he knows his birds by not only sight but by sound! The only bird I recognize by sound is the one I was strapped.

Trig is doing multitasking, the usual those only girls and Mamas can manage to do. I am amazed, truly, how they do it. My only multitask I can recall, is like now, salivating while smelling the late breakfast my favorite dean’s club chef at the campus is making while I type this.

Happy EID Indiana! Have a great time! May the peace be with you.

MissingSandwich is wondering about love and Commonality It is hard to see how others see love. I am at loss when I have to explain those inner feelings. Some how I know they glow! It is just learning the other which we always fail to do. But real love let you try again, and again.

Got to Go



  1. seems to me you’ve been having a good time..:)

  2. I did Lady D, It is always fun to be with my family.

  3. Thank you kalu!:)

  4. Thanks!
    If you are a bird watcher, knowing your bird calls is extremely important especially in the rain forests.

  5. and you’re missing…. yet again… sigh!

    Are you alright Kalu?

  6. Sorry Guys, Had very busy week I will write!

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