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Once you make a commitment, you have to upkeep the responsibilities, how ever tiny they are. Once you start blogging and grab a corners of various peoples hearts and minds, one can not just drop out and run away.

I did that and I feel guilty as I should. I know RD, my favorite drummer who also is also an expert on making other noises related skin and air,  was wondering what happened. Lady D, another of my favorite Ladies left a comment wondering where I was. I know there are many others who did. But even two are too much. I have a habit of getting on multiple single tracks (work only) when I am busy and forget people.

Even Miss Fukuoka and my Mom complained about the last week. Well so Here I am, my lunch break, instead of reading “Anathem” while I consume this lunch, (leftover penne with sun dried tomato pesto, Yum 🙂  which my Mom made and Miss Fukuoka delivered.

The Drummer wrote a lot as others in my circle. But you have to read the RD’s assessment of SL Blogs, which he does time to time. But Cerno on the other hand, vomiting articles. I am only capable of making other people vomit, when they read my papers!

Talking about papers, it is Nobel Prize time and some one from Miss Fukuoka family (distant) got one for Physics. Since we have met before and I made him laugh hysterically with my Japanese conversational skills. Our family has been invited, unofficially, verbally for the party! (in Japan, not the one in Stockholm) in December. I was planing to avoid going to Japan this year but now I have to!

for the discovery of the origin of the broken symmetry which predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature” 

As I told the drummer, I am really in a jam about my carrier. I was an academic and did not really know how the corporate world operated. I knew they made a lot of money ( Yes I helped to spend the most of what my father made 😉 but I was surprised to learn how much one can make out there.

As an academic, if I keep my post for next three years, I would then will barely make $100,000.00. But that is little even tiny compared to what is on the table out there. 

Even though it is hard to get a Prius these days, I have one and it is not plug in type. I am going to get the modification done at A123Systems. (Yes sports cars are a myth, I am doing same or better with Prius than my V8 equipped Lexus, as now I get to ride on car pool lane, yes again, I managed to get a sticker that allows one to travell on car pool lanes as well!) But don’t try to burn rubber at red lights!

Anyway I am at cross roads and I also know you can not easily return once you enter the corporate world. I know some friends who did and they forgot even where the university was. Money is cool but are they as cool as those pot infused breezes on campus grounds? Will those corners of the world I love to travel will be too far?  Is Royal Society too poor? There are a lot of questions.

I already know I will not be in London this fall (autumn) and perhaps next spring as The Royal Society is a very important institute to me! (even I might get a chance to see RD! 🙂

Anyways, I read about Java’s blackhole theory and the most complex simplistic theory we use when people question us about string theory. But to hear that Jones had to face environmental tragedy among other tradegies in SL makes you feel lost.

But it is good to see Lady D laughing and enjoying the company of friends! and the long list of Friday tasks of GF made mine look tiny (but heavy stuff). But I had a laugh when I read about Dawin Award’s lost bottle of Mustard!

Lastly it was fun to read Scrumps beaing beutiful! and Naz brought me down to the reality, yes it hurts! Just like the bird on a wire , having to worry what next?


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  1. “favourite ladies”???? Shaaaah!
    I feel honoured…:D why thank you Kalu..:)

    Good to have ya back!! and also thanks for being happy.. about me having had a good time..:)

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