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As usual The drummer opened the SL blog sphere for me by reminding me how Kottu was not working and yes it did not work but began to spew out post including one about erotic kottu. I have no idea how spicy food could be erotic! yet took his word for it and followed Dinidu’s links only to find, I could not read them!  But Cerno reminded me of those clubs in Colombo. I loved walking to Otter’s club to swim from one of my relatives place. When ever we were in Sl,  I always got dragged in to Colombo golf club where I demonstrated my inability to hit a golfball!. But I loved being at the Nuwara Elya Golf club. Where me and my mother always look at the mountains, wondering which one to climb. It is so nice and much cooler than Colombo. But those snotty people would not let me have dinner in my shorts and tees. So I go and by one size small diner jacket making people spray what ever they were drinking in to small clouds in front  of them. Mind you we were staying at the club not just coming for dinner. It was fun neverhteless. I like blue elephant to go and shake out booties at night! Thanks Cerno, for the memories. But there is a Colombo club here in Oakland, never been there. The trigonometric dancer went roller coasting and to tell the truth, I love the rush. Sky diving gives even better rush! Then I had to read a post by Missing Sandwich about a sad story of a boy being killed because he was gay! It really unnerves you to know that there are people who are capable of such crimes. But is is sobering to see the flora, fauna and insecta around GallicIssa’s house. I think Birds and insects got the word out that he is a good photographer. But lately Java has been traveling though multi dimensions and talking about black holes mayas and String theory. I almost always have mental orgasms to dwell in the subject. It is good to wrangle my mind with these thoughts but sometime I wonder, as I told RD about making money! But there is nothing to worry about. I spoke to my grand father in Austria and he told me how I could be a teacher and still make money, like he did. So I will a teacher, I guess. In any case there have to a poor one to get the wealth all these people have built. Lastly Naz is inviting all of you to see Kaffirs at barefoot. My Mom gave me a whole bunch of Barefoot Linen for my new house. Wonder where she got them as we did not go to SL in a long time.



  1. There are few things in life better than a Barefoot sarong. I reckon your Mum has had the linen stored away in cupboards, that’s what they do!

  2. Ha RD you know your mothers! Thanks for the insider information. I guess she had them hidden from my sisters and sister in laws as they love everything that Babara Sansoni turns out.But the linen looks so good with that the colors contractor painted according to my parents wishes. They sort of blend sunny California to SL.

  3. kallluuuuu!

    you’ve gone awol.

    you are soooo like a pimped up version of kottu!

  4. Kalusudda’s kottu is the best.. 😀 But seriously, 1st time I really took the time to read through everything, and I have to say I LOVE it… 🙂

    Where are you Kalusudda? Quiet lately…

  5. Noorie dear and Dili,
    I am spending a lot of time learning about corporate life from one of the biggest corporations around. Which stated as a one day a week job is eating up my time. Then there is the campus and the students and I moonlight at one of the biggest research labs in the west coast! Busy but will come around.
    Thanks a mill for visiting!

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