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I had a bit of an accident last week. I got hit from left side by a motorist who was running away from police. The car was totaled and I am fine.(Hospital visit was required but I did not have a scratch, not even the airbag bruise. But I was shaken a bit. I am very happy that my parents paid for that expensive car. If I was in my Prius, it could have been worse. So I am getting another Lexus as my replacement.

Yes I have been away again! Been a bit busy with campus in full swing, “G” is demanding some stuff and the Lab invitingly has new projects. I at least put in 10-12 hours. Even Miss Fukuoka is crossed and I did not see my Mom last week! Hope to cut some breaks this week.

Yet I just voted at Cernos and congratulated him on getting 100000 hits while agreeing with RD about Dinidu not becoming an activist. Did not forget to celebrate the launching of Chandrayaan 1 with Indyana. Darwin has a nice post about Hydra, and reminded me that we have not been to Mediterranean area in a while.

If you have time help Ian and his band of brothers with a vote, I already did.

I told the same dinidu the activist, from above, that I like simulator games, driving flying etc. Hey Lady D, have drink, take nap and go for a drive. You will feel better soon.

For the first time I left a comment on a politically site, dare to be different!. It is affiliated to a party that my grand father cherished. That is a lot of water, that he posted about.

Then I went looking for my favorite Noorie only to find that she has a manic laughter, specially after a sweet Sunday!



  1. Blimey KS, what with the mountain accident and this it sounds like you’ve been very lucky. I’m glad you’re okay though and am happy you’re back.

  2. What! Again! I hope you will take care,and Thank god you are OK!

  3. good to know u r fine.. but I can imagine the feeling of shock..

    and thank you..:) I hope I will start feeling better tooo….

  4. Do NOT get hurt. EVER. 🙂

  5. RD, Thank you It was my first auto accident and it was not even my fault. I WILL NOT BUY SMALL CARS!
    Thanks Indiyana, I will do my best.
    Yes Lady D, yes the shock and the depression like feeling that follows. There is no adrenaline boost like the mountain one.
    OK Dili, I will.
    Thank you for all the love! Aappreciated

  6. Thanks for the vote! Unfortunately they came in at a VERY close 2nd (the difference was less than 1%).

    BTW, I just had to ask my mother what “Kalu” meant, since I knew what Sudda meant. So your name is BlackWhite? Interesting… 🙂 Cheers!

  7. I’m so happy you got away without being harmed!

  8. Thank you and very welcome Ian, Yep Black white!
    Hi Noorie, Thanks and wish I had one of your sundays instead!

  9. my sweet tooth is borderline obscene! 🙂

  10. Sorry to hear about this accident.
    I am glad that you escaped unharmed.
    Stay safe!

  11. yesterday while driving home I suddenly had this thought :

    “How come kalu is missing again?”

    Hope you’re fine..:)

  12. Helloooo!Anybody home?

    Just dropped by to see how you are…

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