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Monthly Archives: November 2008

I am now here but was nowhere moment ago after reading JavaJones! But he kindles thoughts in you. I like that a break/feel from usual blogging. But rythmic drummer is playing air drums again, on the way to Singapore. But he calls it “Doing A Soixante Neuf”. Cerno has written about the same person, wondering why did she run away! GF is feeling lonely among crowds and ViceUnVersa is painting bodies, beautifully. Noori is being not much different from my students, though mine(s) have more time in their hands! Indyana is taking a break in Thailand I think. Such is having a hard time with her dog being not well. I learned about a good Monk from Sashi.


But I had a visitor! I grabbed my camera to take some candid shots and here are the results! Gallicissa, how does she look! click on thumbs for a larger view!


Did you get it right?

Did you get it right?


The Drammer loves to describe his food as well as his drumming. I enjoyed reading about his mustard story but I had to admit I can’t handle mustard. I burp like a baby but much louder and without patting too! Thinking about food, I had a visitor today! Pradeep Jeganathan and I love his food blog

Cerno has gone and found some ship wrecks. I love diving for them and one of my brothers is a fantastic diver, cinematographer. If you are watching the Discovery channel, you certainly have seen his work. But like Cerno, I too (my whole family and most of SL) wish that ugly war would come to an end everyone involved find peace. I hope those kids in the north could go to schools soon.

Indiana has to behave ‘cos an elder is visiting! HA! (Hope she can be herself soon.) Sach is driving around in Clolombo and scaring three wheel drivers. She has a nice car that I am not familiar with, I think it is a Japanese vhicle.

Gallicissa, the birdman is into conservation as much as he is into birding. I think he is one of those true nature lovers. We pretend to love nature and damage it chasing after our egos! I am learning from him a bundle. At the same time Noorie made me take a test to measure my personality. I am supposed to be an ENFJ. I was waiting for my Mom to pick me up to go get my new ride,  but I did not get it. Dealeship messed up with my color, I wanted obsidian, they had a mica black. So my Mom threatened them that we will take our deposit (actually insurace is paying most of it!) and go buy a Mercedes and they were very sorry. I think I will get it by next week.

Dinidu taught me that “Everybody is created equal,” as long as you are NOT a woman, Indian or Black. But it is a good read, even if you are not interested in American politics. Meanwhile, DeeCee is purring at work!

Java made me wonder if I am a double thinker with his explanation about Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. I think he has a good library.

Ok winter is coming, evenings are cooler and I put my feet up on the balcony wall, sip a drink and collect my thoughts, I see the same moon that you see. Of course, click on the image to fill up your LCD with it!

Moon over San Francisco Bay

Moon over San Francisco Bay

from-roofsfAgain no post processing other than chopping top and bottom. You can see the eastern section of the bay bridge and most of the San Francisco. Taken with a cup (a large mug) of coffee in one hand and the camera, equaly heavy and large, in the other. This morning we had heavy winds. That is why the bay is clear and no fog, otherwise the whole scene is enveloped in fog. I will continue to post more.

Again, click to see a larger version

from-roofMy father and his contractors prepared my roof so that I can put up my telescope up on the roof. (Which has been in storage for over two years, it is one of those humongous ones. Permits were obtained and finally it is on the roof on a rail and an micro elevator. Thank you my dear Dad! I owe you! (The money you paid for the telescope, contractors and oops the house too!)

But this morning, at about 6:30AM I was on the roof, looking out, and realized that most people would kill for this view, so I took my camera up and took a bunch of photographs. This is what I see from my roof / balcony / front windows. Now don’t kill me! I also have whole of San Francisco in view. I will post that later, this is an un modified image other than cropping to take out my neighbors houses below and reducing the size, and if you did not know, it is the Golden Gate. click on it see a larger vesion.

I left a few comments all over place but I missed the step, so I will start over with the next post. SL Blogs seem to be brimming with tags “I never” and it is funny to read what people have not done (but want to). I did not leave any comments on those but Santhoshi’s blog because I have done most of her nevers, but I saw it first on the Drummer’s blog.

But a few days ago, I left a comment on Cerno’s post about airport runs and that made me miss my Grand Ma a lot. My dad has installed a Cisco video conferencing system at her place in Colombo but she loves to spend her time on the estate in the hills. My dad is planing to install a system on there as well. But the bandwidth in SL makes it not much of a fun but being able to see her makes it worthwhile. (Grand Ma does not want to take long flights anymore Yes those trips to SL are super duper! 

As usual Noori had another one of twisted funnies that made me watch it twice! I enjoyed reading about Scrumps trip to Cuba, may be because I have never been there, (I have been near it!). Thinking about that, I am glad that I had the opportunity to travel the world. Most of the thanks go to my parents. They took us all over when we were young and continue to do so, even now. My brothers and sisters are now busy with their own families and make their own trips, so I get to go with my parents, which I enjoy very much.

Lady D is hurting. It hurts to read he lovely poems. But I wonder about how to tell her to let it go as it has been a long lonely trip for her. Who ever the other person on the other side seem to be ignorant of her feelings. Perhaps she is not expressing hard enough? 


I was planing to be in UK this fall but I had to pass it as I started to work with big G and I could not find a replacement to take over my work at the university. I was planing to have a cup of tea with the Drummer, perhaps another time!

Og Pleasure Principale by 6 and St. Fallen has deleted their blogs!. Why?

Oops go to pickup Miss Fukuoka! Later.

On a short weekend trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park!, needed to unwind and burn some calories. You will really be humbled in front of these giants! I will have more of these posted! (Sorry about the crop!) Taken with a micro dslr. (General Grant, the third largest tree in the world) watermark is too big! I know 😦

Giants in the Grant Groove

Giants in the Grant Groove