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On a short weekend trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park!, needed to unwind and burn some calories. You will really be humbled in front of these giants! I will have more of these posted! (Sorry about the crop!) Taken with a micro dslr. (General Grant, the third largest tree in the world) watermark is too big! I know 😦

Giants in the Grant Groove

Giants in the Grant Groove



  1. OMG OMG OMG!!
    That’s Gigantic! Enormous! HUGE!!
    I think I’m running out of words right now…
    but seriously…WOW!

  2. Bloody hell!

  3. Oh – and I missed you! Glad to see you’re ok! *hugs*

  4. My Gosh Kalu, that is a mighty big thing you’ve got there!

  5. Lady D, Scrumps, RD this is just one out of a groove. You just become awe struck just by being there. I love this place and I have been there a few times. I have nuts from all the generals! May be try to grow it at my grand parents place, up in the hills in SL. Even though I did not write, I read all of you!

  6. Ho By Gott…is all I can say!!!

  7. Super shot!
    I am amazed by the sheer size of some of these Sequoia gigantea trees.

    My inquiring mind whats to know what lens you used for this? A wide angle one that you use for lanscape photography, I suppose.

  8. Hi GI, it is a LEICA D VARIO-ELMARIT 14-50mm/F2.8-3.5 ASPH, a four thirds lens on a Lumix G1 Micro DSLR (with an adapter). It is a wide angle zoom. You would not believe how small the camera is. The lens is bigger and more expensive than the camera. It comes in handy when I go climbing or hiking. For regular photography I use Cannon D5.(and all my fathers cameras/lenses)

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Leica Lenses are damn good. The Canon 5D is super duper, I hear. I’d love to see some of your photos taken from that….at your convenience.

  10. Woah. That tree makes ME look short, and thats saying something!

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