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I left a few comments all over place but I missed the step, so I will start over with the next post. SL Blogs seem to be brimming with tags “I never” and it is funny to read what people have not done (but want to). I did not leave any comments on those but Santhoshi’s blog because I have done most of her nevers, but I saw it first on the Drummer’s blog.

But a few days ago, I left a comment on Cerno’s post about airport runs and that made me miss my Grand Ma a lot. My dad has installed a Cisco video conferencing system at her place in Colombo but she loves to spend her time on the estate in the hills. My dad is planing to install a system on there as well. But the bandwidth in SL makes it not much of a fun but being able to see her makes it worthwhile. (Grand Ma does not want to take long flights anymore Yes those trips to SL are super duper! 

As usual Noori had another one of twisted funnies that made me watch it twice! I enjoyed reading about Scrumps trip to Cuba, may be because I have never been there, (I have been near it!). Thinking about that, I am glad that I had the opportunity to travel the world. Most of the thanks go to my parents. They took us all over when we were young and continue to do so, even now. My brothers and sisters are now busy with their own families and make their own trips, so I get to go with my parents, which I enjoy very much.

Lady D is hurting. It hurts to read he lovely poems. But I wonder about how to tell her to let it go as it has been a long lonely trip for her. Who ever the other person on the other side seem to be ignorant of her feelings. Perhaps she is not expressing hard enough? 


I was planing to be in UK this fall but I had to pass it as I started to work with big G and I could not find a replacement to take over my work at the university. I was planing to have a cup of tea with the Drummer, perhaps another time!

Og Pleasure Principale by 6 and St. Fallen has deleted their blogs!. Why?

Oops go to pickup Miss Fukuoka! Later.



  1. ….and he’s back in the game!

    i loveeeeeee tea. but i love it cold :s.

    drink cups of cold tea everyday. CUPPPSS

  2. He has fallen.

  3. Yes u have done most of my nevers.
    Now i am feeling a bit like a woman from a tiny island….

  4. Definitely next time KS. Or beer might be better!

  5. I know what everyone says Kalu… 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out why I can’t get going..:(

    On another note, Im so glad you’re back! Missed your blogging..:)

  6. Noorie, yes, I love it too! cold and green if possible!
    and I found fallen, try not to fall again!
    Santhoshi, my Mom, whom I love, adore, still try to keep up with, is a woman from that tiny island!
    Yes RD, I thought of that too but warm beer is not favorite! A cold one, for sure!
    Lady D, hugs back and as they say in Japan, Gambatte!

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