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from-roofMy father and his contractors prepared my roof so that I can put up my telescope up on the roof. (Which has been in storage for over two years, it is one of those humongous ones. Permits were obtained and finally it is on the roof on a rail and an micro elevator. Thank you my dear Dad! I owe you! (The money you paid for the telescope, contractors and oops the house too!)

But this morning, at about 6:30AM I was on the roof, looking out, and realized that most people would kill for this view, so I took my camera up and took a bunch of photographs. This is what I see from my roof / balcony / front windows. Now don’t kill me! I also have whole of San Francisco in view. I will post that later, this is an un modified image other than cropping to take out my neighbors houses below and reducing the size, and if you did not know, it is the Golden Gate. click on it see a larger vesion.



  1. you lucky basket >.<
    but I can’t complain too much
    I have an awesome view at night from my balcony 😀
    especially when it rains

  2. wow

  3. oh man is tht the golden gate bridge in san fransisco?? Niiiiice

  4. Oh how I envy you!!!

  5. If this is a shot through your telescope, does that mean that you can hardly see the Golden Gate Bridge from the spot?

  6. Hello Fallen, you gave me a heart attack, thinking you dropped out!
    Sach yes but we fail to see the beuty that we see everyday!
    FINroD, thak you for dropping by! Yep it is GG
    PR I left a comment on your blog!
    Hey Java, this is great! I am humbled!! With the telescope, I can count the bolts! 😉 it is about 10-12 miles …. hold on … 21.6 KM away!

  7. very nice man! im turning green.

  8. What a view. Great pic.

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