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The Drammer loves to describe his food as well as his drumming. I enjoyed reading about his mustard story but I had to admit I can’t handle mustard. I burp like a baby but much louder and without patting too! Thinking about food, I had a visitor today! Pradeep Jeganathan and I love his food blog

Cerno has gone and found some ship wrecks. I love diving for them and one of my brothers is a fantastic diver, cinematographer. If you are watching the Discovery channel, you certainly have seen his work. But like Cerno, I too (my whole family and most of SL) wish that ugly war would come to an end everyone involved find peace. I hope those kids in the north could go to schools soon.

Indiana has to behave ‘cos an elder is visiting! HA! (Hope she can be herself soon.) Sach is driving around in Clolombo and scaring three wheel drivers. She has a nice car that I am not familiar with, I think it is a Japanese vhicle.

Gallicissa, the birdman is into conservation as much as he is into birding. I think he is one of those true nature lovers. We pretend to love nature and damage it chasing after our egos! I am learning from him a bundle. At the same time Noorie made me take a test to measure my personality. I am supposed to be an ENFJ. I was waiting for my Mom to pick me up to go get my new ride,  but I did not get it. Dealeship messed up with my color, I wanted obsidian, they had a mica black. So my Mom threatened them that we will take our deposit (actually insurace is paying most of it!) and go buy a Mercedes and they were very sorry. I think I will get it by next week.

Dinidu taught me that “Everybody is created equal,” as long as you are NOT a woman, Indian or Black. But it is a good read, even if you are not interested in American politics. Meanwhile, DeeCee is purring at work!

Java made me wonder if I am a double thinker with his explanation about Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. I think he has a good library.

Ok winter is coming, evenings are cooler and I put my feet up on the balcony wall, sip a drink and collect my thoughts, I see the same moon that you see. Of course, click on the image to fill up your LCD with it!

Moon over San Francisco Bay

Moon over San Francisco Bay



  1. Hmm the Lexus Hybrid 09… nice choice for a ride.. 😀

  2. wow nice photo. my car is malaysian. you have tagged indyana to cerno’s post. careful, she might write a whiny ‘nobody cares about me’ post again 😉 indyana, if you’re reading this, you know i’m just kidding about that last part.

  3. Sach…I might start off a post on how mean everyone is too! 😛

    kalu…how could you!!

  4. WOW. stunnning shot!!

  5. your pics are amazing!

  6. Lovely picture KS, the stealth burping post may be written soon!

  7. The Whackster, yep I don’t still know how much 340HP hybrid will save. But I am looking for safety after last accident.
    Thank you Sach, and sorry to hear about the scrape.
    Indyana, You are a sweetie. It is always good to be helpful to loved ones. You and your family are good souls!
    Thanks T!
    So are your escapades Noorie dear! (Thank you)

  8. Dear RD, Thank you. I am looking forward to it!

  9. Hey KS, the Lexus looks totally awesome. Cool ride. I am honestly jealous 🙂

  10. Hi DD, I really like it. They mastered technology and the marketing. The most important thing for me is the noise reduction. It is so absolutely quiet. Once you have driven a Lexus, every other car is noisy! I like my Prius too, but too small for my comfort.

  11. nice pic and post kalu. purr eh? 😉

  12. Hi KS, We once drove from Illinois to San Fran, and I don’t remember now but somewhere after Vegas or just before hit this stretch that just had steep slopes with truckers thundering down to gain momentum for the climbs. Student then I was driving an old oldsmobile cutlass! And terrified.
    Would love to do it in your Lexus, the one thing I miss the most are the US roads. Spending xmas with family in DC, can’t wait as my bill drives an Acura MDX that he just got in September.

  13. Thanks DeeCee,
    Very Good DD, I have done cross country twice, from Monterey to Boston and then from Boston to Berkeley. I did my undergraduate degrees in MIT. The two trips, one northern route and the other southern route like yours, which each lasted about 3 weeks, I learned about United States than what I learned in my life time. I still prefer to drive than flying if I can afford the time.

  14. You have captured a wonderful gradient of blue. Great wide angle, once again!

  15. Thanks Gallicissa, I got a visitor and you would love her! Soon to be a post!

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