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I am now here but was nowhere moment ago after reading JavaJones! But he kindles thoughts in you. I like that a break/feel from usual blogging. But rythmic drummer is playing air drums again, on the way to Singapore. But he calls it “Doing A Soixante Neuf”. Cerno has written about the same person, wondering why did she run away! GF is feeling lonely among crowds and ViceUnVersa is painting bodies, beautifully. Noori is being not much different from my students, though mine(s) have more time in their hands! Indyana is taking a break in Thailand I think. Such is having a hard time with her dog being not well. I learned about a good Monk from Sashi.


But I had a visitor! I grabbed my camera to take some candid shots and here are the results! Gallicissa, how does she look! click on thumbs for a larger view!


Did you get it right?

Did you get it right?



  1. hehe nice.

  2. nice pics

  3. Hello Fallen and Hi Whackster!
    Thanks guys! It is more the camera than me!

  4. kals, you should def post more photos!

  5. oo…

  6. Nice paparazzi work, Kalu!
    She seems to be enjoying a good scratch!

    I first thought it is a Great Egret in breeding plumage, but then the gape-mark didn’t go pass the eye as it should do…it then dawned to me that it is a Snowy.

  7. Hi Noorie, Hello DeeCee, Shalom GI!
    I will Noorie, I currently on project to photograph my neighborhood, Berkeley. I will post as I go!

    THX DeeCee

    Thank you GI for clearing the species for us! As you noticed I did not describe the egret! Because I did not know really what it was and I knew you would come up with the solution!

  8. You’re welcome Kalu. Your pics have captured all the diagnostics well, so it wasn’t too difficult, even though I have not seen a Snowy Egret in the wild or in a zoo.

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