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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Hope all of you are having a great time! Happy new year!!


All packed and ready to go. I already shipped some stuff directly to Fukuoka, Japan.  It is going to be a quite bit of flying and rewards. I did not see my parental grand parents physically (I see them on video comm  weekly) so it is going to be fun!  I will celebrate Christmas with them.I have already seen the tree in the living room via video and looking forward open my gift! They always have wonderful gifts.  Then I will be off to see my maternal Grand Ma. My favorite Grand Ma. She will be very happy to see me. My mom is already with her. Alas I will not be able to spend more than two days with her. But she will be happy to have her best grand child for holidays, even for a short while. 

Even though I want to see and meet some people like Java with his cookies,d Cerno, even The Drummer with his Big ones and many many more, I will not be able to do so. After landing in the night, I will come to Colombo and next morning, I will be off to the mountains. I will coming to the airport directly from there. So Meeting people will have to wait. I would love to see many a people but I really like to spend all my time with my Grandma. It was not easy to get right timing with a round the world ticket!

Wormth of Love.

Warmth of Love.

Then comes the fun part! I will be off to Fukuoka to Miss Fukuoka’s place. After running around with my future in laws for a few days, my family will join us. As soon as they come we will take off to a holiday house (Cabin) that Miss Fukuoka’s family has in the mountains in Nagano.  Nagano is full of mountains and ski resorts that you do not want to leave, ever. Usually we ski during the day and get together with young crowd and get drunk in the evening. But this time it will be different. My Mom, Father, 3 young Fokuokians who happens to be one brother and two sisters will attempt to climb at least some mountains. It might be a difficult task as Miss Fukuoka has already gone there to stock up the cabin and has seen many a road closures.

Miss Fukuoka and I will be going to Hokkaido as soon as my parents leave, on our own private holiday, when we come down from the mountains of Nagano, in the first week of January. The should give us some time to be us! and catchup with what ever we missed in 2008! If you like skiing and snow boarding, Hokkaido is a heaven. It will be good to hold hand in the heaven, even with the gloves on.

I am yearning for everything and everyone. It has been only two weeks since Mom is gone and a week since Miss Fukuoka is gone. There are big two holes in my heart already and a small one for my Father.

Love to all of you. May the holiday cheer bring much needed laughter and fun to SL. I am going to miss all of you but I do not think I will blog until I return. Of course I will try to find some time and let you know how we do! I have a few books and three movies and a bunch of music on my iPod. Java will like to know I picked up my second Krishnamurti book, “This Light In Oneself”.  I really liked “Freedom From The Known”. 

Merry Xmas and happy holidays! 

Wishing you all very happy new year.

Berkeley => Geneva => Colombo => Fukuoka => Berkeley
It is going to be a long trip. But I will see Grand parents in the first leg and Grand Ma in the second. Then I will be in the wonderland of Japan, a lot of winter climbings are planed and finally be back in warmer (hopefully as it is 1.4C near my home now) Berkeley.
I will have a post before I go.

I have been tagged  by ViceUnVersa and here are 10 things that I thought was good this year.

This year has been a good year to me as the all the other years of my life. I guess that happens when you are born to and continue to live with love.

1.This year I created this blog about six months ago, only to come across a bunch of such a nice people.  I am very thankful for it and them, Merry Xmas!!.

2. I almost died, twice this year, first one was on a cold mountain top and the second on a busy road near where I live. Both these occurrences were good, ‘cos first one affirmed how capable is my mother is, she pulled me (almost twice her size) out of a crevice all by herself. Second one proved that my father was right when he gave me that Lexus. Most of all adrenaline rush in first occasion made me wanting more, not near death experiences, but mountain climbing.

3. I joined the corporate world for the first time in my life. Even though I am more than 6 feet tall, my jaws managed to hit the floor when I saw their first offer.   I am still attached to the big G and might work more next year. 

4. Managed to read a whole bunch of books this year (like 3 a month!), out of those, one was written by a Sri Lankan and another was suggested by a Sri Lankan. The rest are mostly theoretical physics, Buddhism,  and a few novels. (I am a very fast reader)

5. I learned to kite surf, and I am loving it but I guess it is better  in SL with those warm waters.

6. I became 25 years old this year. But feel older and secretly wishing I had some more gray hair  so new students will not assume that I am another student or ask if I am a basketball player. (I have a small tuft of totally white hair closer to my forehead.)

7. I completed second year with Miss Fukuoka. Never before in my life could I stay so long with a female or vice versa. 

8.  I added 16th member to my mechanical watch collection, BREITLING Navitimer 50th Anniversary (2002).

9.  I got my second house and I became a landlord. 

10. I have been asked to take English lessons!




It is finals time and whole bunch of kids are consuming a years worth of caffeine and planing to go home to Xmas with happy feelings.


I used to be a lucky one regarding the studies, I never studied like most others do. I have never gone to a coffee shop to study. It was the same for me since my grade school. But I pity these kids, so now I teach them more, extra hours, communal lectures, even to students who not in my classes.

To think, I used to charge $100-150 for a paper, when I was a student! Yep those papers guaranteed passing the physics classes. More over, they had to correct my English!

But I miss my Mom! She is off somewhere doing good to the world. It has been a week now and Miss F is resigning from her job this week, to go back to school next year, for her Post graduate studies. So she is busy as well as it not easy for Japanese companies in America to find people who are fluent in both languages and culture.

But there were a lot of happy people in the SL sphere, RD as usual kept me reading and making me happy but I was sad to see RD angry, for people leaving the place, with no concern to others. I am also glad that Dinidu is back. Lady D had a good time and a drink, a half a bottle in one go! Slow down Sweetee, there are more drinks in the world to consume, I don’t think I have tasted even a half of my fathers liquor collection and only now I have began to delve into his wines.

Indi is doing well with his camera and prose. I think I am beginning to like and understand the guy 😉 ! Happy Birthday ViceUnVersa, so this year going to be a good one, specially regarding to brushes with those perky things (or were the swinging?). Thank you for your blogging, that never failed to amuse me.

RD showed his love for Hissyfits and she is on his roll now! Glad to see a madcatwoman happy! Santhoshi went to see an astrologer and asked her to do some stuff. But I will belive in astrologers, only if they are richer than Bill Gates! But Astronomy took a good turn last week as Java mentioned. I raced down from mountains to see the last day, as the planets and our moon came together! If you did not see it, you will have to wait till 2032! Hope you did not miss. I took some photos but my camera is at my parents place. They were not great photos either, but I think I will post them.

But I loved Java’s letter to Santa, I also asked for something from Santa but the ladies in the accounting department said, $7000 is too much for something that you attach lenses, so I get to grab one of my fathers instead.

Ian is in Nepal and seems be enjoying himself. We (0.8 of my family) will be over there in next April, to volunteer like Ian does and to do little climbing.  Then we all will go to SL. But this December, I will be over there for two days before meeting my and Miss Fukuoka’s parents in Japan. I will be flying to Switzerland to see my paternal Grandparents (They are supposed to be in Holland but My Grand Pa still loves to smash atoms.) But these air lines that my parents, my father mostly, fly gave me a free round the world ticket. So I will be stopping by my Grandma’s to give her a big kiss and preserve my status as the best grand son. 

I had to take a break, to go and collect rent from my tenants! Yep I am landlord now and some nice people rented my old house. But it is funny to go to my house that is not really completely mine. But the rent is more than the mortgage. But my father arranged with the bank to pay more and get away from banks clutches sooner. Man I was going to get some lenses. But it feels good.

Cerno saw me in his rear-view mirror and I am glad but remember, objects seem to much larger than they appear according to an album that my father has by meatloaf. But I have to admit, his writings makes me want search refuge in up country Mango Cultivation hostel, he always get’s me.

Trigonometric Dancer is cool and a bit jumpy in her selections. It happens to me always, when we go out to dinner in a new restaurant, most of the time I wish, I ordered something else. (I am a very very picky eater and simple things like if a Korean chef cuts my sashimi or Chinese gentleman makes my kimchee. I have no problem with SL food! it is either my Mom or a few restaurants in Los Angeles, so I don’t mind SL curry made by a Mexican chef  🙂 ) But always there is a solution, you can eat your near and dear one’s meal!

Noorie seem to be a bit busy, but she is thankful.  Last time I saw Sach, she was out looking for Lawu. Indyana is enjoying her Eid and wondering about blogging. I like her blog!

Naz gave me a good tip for a fantastic Xmas Gift. So before this start to bore you (Sorry if it already did!) I would get back to responding to a plethora of emails from my students.