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I have been tagged  by ViceUnVersa and here are 10 things that I thought was good this year.

This year has been a good year to me as the all the other years of my life. I guess that happens when you are born to and continue to live with love.

1.This year I created this blog about six months ago, only to come across a bunch of such a nice people.  I am very thankful for it and them, Merry Xmas!!.

2. I almost died, twice this year, first one was on a cold mountain top and the second on a busy road near where I live. Both these occurrences were good, ‘cos first one affirmed how capable is my mother is, she pulled me (almost twice her size) out of a crevice all by herself. Second one proved that my father was right when he gave me that Lexus. Most of all adrenaline rush in first occasion made me wanting more, not near death experiences, but mountain climbing.

3. I joined the corporate world for the first time in my life. Even though I am more than 6 feet tall, my jaws managed to hit the floor when I saw their first offer.   I am still attached to the big G and might work more next year. 

4. Managed to read a whole bunch of books this year (like 3 a month!), out of those, one was written by a Sri Lankan and another was suggested by a Sri Lankan. The rest are mostly theoretical physics, Buddhism,  and a few novels. (I am a very fast reader)

5. I learned to kite surf, and I am loving it but I guess it is better  in SL with those warm waters.

6. I became 25 years old this year. But feel older and secretly wishing I had some more gray hair  so new students will not assume that I am another student or ask if I am a basketball player. (I have a small tuft of totally white hair closer to my forehead.)

7. I completed second year with Miss Fukuoka. Never before in my life could I stay so long with a female or vice versa. 

8.  I added 16th member to my mechanical watch collection, BREITLING Navitimer 50th Anniversary (2002).

9.  I got my second house and I became a landlord. 

10. I have been asked to take English lessons!



  1. Interesting dude…
    And you bought your SECOND house? WOW!

    Kite surfing must be exciting, though I’m not sure I’d ever do that….

  2. I’m a fast reader too! 😀 irrelavant yes, but..errm…ok…

  3. English lessons? lol… oh plzzzzzz 😛

  4. Ooh I like Breitling watches!

  5. Hi Darwin, Thank you for the visit! I love them too! I even go to bed with one! Almost never removed from my hand! Next target id the Bentley, (The watch by Breitling not the car
    Yep Lady D. But I am fine with it. My cogs do not turn well when it comes to languages but I speak about six of them!
    Hello Eyeliners friend, reading feeds your brain, calms you down, tell you how to climb tall mountains or sail solo across the sea.
    Hi Sachintha, thank you for the visit. Yep the houses are ideas and help of my parents, they basically did most of the work, including furnishing

  6. Kalu, not only do I want to meet you in person but I also want to see the famous KS watch collection. I’ve really enjoyed your blog this year too.

  7. Merry Christmas Kalu and may your blogging continue to be as interesting through the years to come.


  8. Thank you a lot RD, it is same here.
    Merry Xmas to you too Java and Jones.

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