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Berkeley => Geneva => Colombo => Fukuoka => Berkeley
It is going to be a long trip. But I will see Grand parents in the first leg and Grand Ma in the second. Then I will be in the wonderland of Japan, a lot of winter climbings are planed and finally be back in warmer (hopefully as it is 1.4C near my home now) Berkeley.
I will have a post before I go.



  1. will miss you a LOT!
    Happy holidays to you…..
    *mega hug*

  2. 😀 take lots of photographs and have a safe journey.

  3. Wish you a grrreat holiday! take care! 🙂

  4. Have a great trip KS and a good Christmas.

  5. Have a great holiday Merry Christmas & Happy new year too..

  6. Lasy D, MiddleChild, Indiyana, Santhoshi, Thank you very much.
    RD, I might get to try some of those stealth stuff! Hope it will not sound like those high pitched Indian Flutes.

  7. Have a great trip Kalu – and watch out for those crevasses! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and maybe we will meet up when you get here.


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